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The Lie of Animal Evolution

What is the “Darwinist fairy tale” and why does it constitute no evidence for the theory of evolution?

The documentaries broadcast by such Darwinist TV channels as National Geographic TV and Discovery Channel share one point in common. These documentaries all contain imaginary conjecture as to why and/or how the biological structures or characteristics of a living thing may have evolved. The striking thing is that these accounts are told as facts while they are actually “artefacts” of …

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Darwinists’ Deceptive label: Convergent Evolution

The term “convergent evolution” is used to describe the hypothetical evolution of similar structures in living things according to similar environmental requirements in independent processes. For example, one of the structures assumed by evolutionists to have emerged through convergent evolution is the wing. The bat, a mammal, has wings, and so do birds and flies, as well as some flying …

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The Latest Dogmatic Evolutionist Myth Concerning the Origin of Birds: The Four-Winged Dinosaur (Microraptor gui)

Completely speculative and forced interpretations are being made regarding feathered dinosaurs unearthed in China, and these are being depicted, with widespread media propaganda, as scientific facts. One of the fossils subjected to such media propaganda is Microraptor gui. This specimen, found in China and given the name M. gui, was described in an article named “Four-winged dinosaur from China” in …

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The Unique Structure of Avian Lung Refutes Evolution

Another factor demonstrating the impossibility of the reptile-bird evolution scenario is the structure of avian lungs, which cannot be accounted for by evolution. In land-dwelling creatures, air flow is bidirectional. Upon inhaling, the air travels through the passages in the lungs (bronchial tubes), ending in tiny air sacs (alveoli). The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place here. Then, …

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