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The Lie of Animal Evolution

Why the Idea of Bird Evolution Is No Longer Tenable

Evolutionists maintain that birds are descended from reptiles. There is no evidence for that claim, however. On the contrary, there is a great deal of evidence to show that such an evolution is impossible. For instance, the question of how reptiles, land-dwelling animals, began to fly remains unanswered, and this is a matter which has given rise to considerable speculation …

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Darwinists Are in Despair: Another Feathered Dinosaur Scenario

Towards the middle of June, another report about evolution and a new fake fossil originating from the Associated Press was excitedly carried in such media organs as Nature, Science Daily, Discovery News, Cosmos, Yahoo News, Guardian Online, BBC News, and Scientific American. The way that a fossil that actually refuted the theory of evolution in many ways was depicted as …

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Discovery Channel’s Feeline Fairy Tales

The Discovery Channel recently aired a documentary called “Discovery Journal,” which considered the lives of various members of the cat family, and especially lions. From start to finish throughout the program the channel insisted on telling its viewers evolutionary fairy tales. The method employed was the “brainwashing” so dear to Darwinists: First of all the structures in living things and …

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