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The Lie of Animal Evolution

The Pitiful Darwinists Who Imagine The Newly Discovered Fossil Anchiornis Huxleyi To Be A Transitional Fossil

A fossil discovered in China the other day was quickly taken up as a “four-winged bird” in the Darwinist media. Darwinists right away claimed that this fossil might be “the ancestor of birds.” As ever, they immediately gave the animal a name. They baptized it Anchiornis huxleyi, in memory of Thomas Huxley, an atheist, Darwinist and 32nd degree freemason known …

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Archaeopteryx Is A Perfect Flying Bird

Science:  ”Archaeopteryx probably cannot tell us much about the early origins of feathers and flight in true protobirds because ARCHAEOPTERYX WAS, IN A MODERN SENSE, A BIRD.” (Hanegraaff, Fatal Flaws “What Evolutionists Don”t Want You To Know”, W Publishing Group, 2003, p. 19) –    It is a mosaic animal with teeth and claws. Two bird species living today, the touraco …

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Darwinists: “We Admit It… The Story of Bird Evolution Is a Lie!”

As with all aspects of evolutionary nonsense, we have for a long time been describing the same scientific facts whenever the myth of birds evolving from dinosaurs has been raised: –    Such a passage is totally impossible because of the unique structural difference between birds and reptiles, –    There is not a single piece of scientific evidence to support this …

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A Huge Darwinist Deception Regarding the Trilobite Eye

One of the main subjects that leaves Darwinists in a complete dead-end is the “eye,” with its irreducibly complex structure.  One of the greatest proofs of Creation confronting Darwinists, who are unable to account for the emergence of the eye, is the complex eye structure that emerged some 540 MILLION YEARS AGO. The SUDDEN emergence of the astonishingly beautiful and …

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