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The Lie of Animal Evolution

The myth of the evolution of the whale in New Scientist

  A report published by the New Scientist news service on 19 December, 2007, outlined a description1  of a new fossil discovery claimed by evolutionists to represent the ancestor of the whale2.  The fossil species in question has been given the name of Indohyus, and is thought to have lived in the rivers of India 48 million years ago. Scientists …

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A New Convergent Evolution Lie: The Scenarios Dreamed up around Pseudotribos robustus

  A report published in the 1 November, 2007, edition of Nature magazine and on the National Geographic web site on 31 October, 2007, raised another question regarding which Darwinists find themselves in an impossible position – the facts that different life forms have had similar structures for millions of years.     Scientists examining the fossil remains of Pseudotribos …

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A Myth Regarding The Origin Of Hands And Feet On

A report published by the news portal on Friday, 26 October, 2007, added yet another component to unscientific Darwinist propaganda. The report, headed “The origin of the hands and feet lies in fish fins,” was the result of evolutionary myths produced on the basis of a common gene between fish and terrestrial land forms. This propaganda, which is based …

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Living Things Never Evolved in Any Way, and There Is No Foundation to Scenarios of Human Evolution

The situation today has stunned evolutionists and inflicted severe panic on them. There is at least one specimen of every one of the living things in existence today, be it a wolf or a fish, a woodpecker or a flycatcher, a deer or a tortoise, in the millions of years of natural history. We can see from the fossil record …

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