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The Lie of Animal Evolution

The Chemical Mechanism In Insect Has Existed For 100 Million Yeras

  A report on the Science Daily web site on 30 August, 2007, discussed a soldier beetle that had been trapped in amber while squirting out poison to repel an attacker. The fossil in question dated back 100 million years, and this provided important information about these insects and their chemical equipment and also invalidated evolutionary scenarios on the subject. …

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The Latest Coelacanth Fossil And Evolutionist Errors

However, for evolutionists to look at a fish”s fins and suggest that the human arm evolved from such an organ is to adopt a totally imaginary and biased attitude. It is propaganda engaged in to keep the idea of the supposed evolution of the coelacanth, for years depicted as an intermediate form, and the theory of evolution itself alive. Moreover, …

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A Fossil Discovery Showing That Pandas Have Remained Unchanged For Millions Of Years

Fossils unearthed from a cave in the south of China have revealed that the panda is also a “living fossil.” To put it another way, the fossil record shows that these creatures have remained as pandas since their first appearance millions of years ago. Details of the discovery were published in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of …

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Evolution of Mammals Propaganda from the BBC

A report carried on the BBC web site on 24 March, 2007, titled “Mammal Rise ‘Not Linked’ to Dinos,” discussed how the fictitious evolution of mammals was linked to dinosaurs becoming extinct. This report, in which we again encountered the familiar methods employed by the BBC, was once again a propaganda text far removed from the scientific evidence. This technique, …

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