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The Lie of Human Evolution

Errors Concerning Human Intelligence From The Discovery Channel

The documentary “Evolution: The Great Explosion in Intelligence” broadcast on the Discovery Channel set out a number of Darwinist claims on the subject of human intelligence and culture. Considerable space was devoted to the views of such unrepentant Darwinist scientists as Steven Pinker and Richard Dawkins. This paper examines these Darwinist views and sets out the distortions behind them. Mankind’s …

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Errors In The 9 April, 2005, New Scientist

The cover story of the 9 April, 2005, edition of New Scientist magazine bore the title “Life’s Top 10 greatest Inventions.” The report resorted to evolutionist myths and maintained that the present order in the world formed as the result of phenomena in nature caused by blind chance and that man also came into possession of his present-day biological abilities …

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The Widening Genetic Gap “The comprehensive analys is of the chimpanzee genome reveals a greater genetic difference from humans”

The chimpanzee joins the group of animals whose genomes have been deciphered by scientists. The data from the chimp genome was compared to its human counterpart by an international research consortium, whose studies have been published in Nature. (1) According to the findings of the consortium, humans shared many genes with chimpanzees, but there were very important differences as well. …

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The BBC Initiative To Resusciate The Myth Of Recapitulation

The waste bin of history is full of theories the invalidity of which has been realised in the face of scientific evidence and which have been disproved by a great many scientists. Scientific research is a process which constantly tests theories in the light of the evidence, and which thus progresses. The interesting thing, however, is that some scientists appear …

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