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The Lie of Human Evolution

Dogmatic Backing for Micro-Evolution

In its 15 January 2004 edition Nature magazine carried an article titled “Evolutionary biology: Our relative genetics.” Written by David Penny, an evolutionary biologist working at New Zealand’s Massey University, the article asks whether or not micro-evolutionary genetic changes can account for the origin of man. Penny considers this question with interpretations based on data from the still uncompleted chimpanzee …

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“Animal World – Humanzee”

This documentary on the Animal Planet channel told the story of a chimpanzee called Oliver, various aspects of whose behaviour had once been the focus of interest of the evolutionist press. Evolutionist circles referred to Oliver as a “humanzee,” a human-chimpanzee hybrid, because of certain abilities of his, such as walking upright and mixing drinks. A statement that he possessed …

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New Scientist’s Tale of “Evolving with the Enemy”

The December 22, 2003, edition of New Scientist magazine carried an article called “Evolving with the Enemy.” The article related the familiar relationship between certain people”s resistance to malaria and a mutation that affects the haemoglobin molecule, and went on to engage in evolutionist comments regarding this. This mutation which affects the structure of haemoglobin causes sickle-cell anaemia and thalassemia …

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CNN Turk’s Errors A Scientific Refutation of the Documentary “Walking with Cavemen”

The documentary “Walking with Cavemen,” screened by CNNTurk, consists of Darwinist propaganda which is riddled with scientific errors and distortions… At the end of December 2003, the television channel CNNTurk announced that it would be screening a documentary called “Walking with Cavemen.” In its previews of the documentary CNNTurk showed actors dressed in ape-man costumes, thus clearly favouring the theory …

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