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The Lie of Human Evolution

A New Darwinist Fantasy: The Evolution Of Meat-Eating

A piece of research carried out by Peter Ungar from Arkansas University and his colleagues has recently hit the headlines. In the study, the tooth morphologies of Australopithecus afarensis and so-called evolutionarily primitive members of the genus Homo were compared. Ungar was seeking to develop a platform that would be useful in measuring the kind of abrasion brought about by …

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The Latest Dino-Bird Hype And The Facts

Last week the world media trumpeted the recent discovery of a group of fossils in China as evidence supporting the theory of evolution. Beijing”s Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology issued a statement saying that one of the six fossils in the group belonged to a “dino-bird with four wings” and that this extinct creature was able to fly, or …

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The Stage And Backstage In The Supposition Of Man’s Evolution -Samples From The Scientific American

STAGE AND BACKSTAGE Much of the evolution material confronting us frequently in newspapers and on TV screens is to do with humankind. There is a fair amount of speculation on the transitions of the supposed ancestors of man, the hominoids, in terms of anatomy and culture and the causes of and reasons for human qualities like a large brain and …

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