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The Lie of Human Evolution

Evolutionist Misconceptions with Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the field in which genes from an organism are isolated, manipulated and transferred into another organism. Thanks to these studies, scientists can produce bacteria that digest industrial waste, clone living creatures and develop plants resistant to insects and disease. Evolutionists have three errors with regard to these works: The error that common genes being transferable among organisms, …

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The Articles “Out Of Africa Again…Again?” And “The Multiregional Evolution Of Humans”

These articles concerned an aspect of the human evolution scenarios which is the subject of fierce debate amongst evolutionists. The article “Out of Africa” was written by Ian Tattersall, curator in the Department of Anthropology of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. In his article he produced the scenario whereby modern man emerged in Africa and …

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The Complex Design and High Processing Capacity in the Human Brain

There is an exceedingly complex design in the human brain. At the basis of this design lies the fact that are large number of brain cells are linked to one another by a very large number of connections. Professor of biology Ursula Goodenough summarizes this network of connections and the way it functions: The brain of every human contains about …

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The Evolution of the Human Brain: A Blindly Supported Darwinist Myth

Evolutionists claim that man evolved from an ape-like ancestor and that during that imaginary process his brain also grew and developed. According to this view, the growth of the brain is a so-called evolutionary adaptation. Again according to this claim, random mutations and natural selection, bereft of any aim or purpose, are responsible for the alleged evolution of the brain. …

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