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The Lie of Human Evolution

Homo Floresiensis is a Homo Sapiens Individual With Arrested Development, Not a Separate Human Species

Evolutionist propaganda regarding the remains of Homo floresiensis has come up with a new explanation in the face of the latest research. The view that the skeleton in question, announced in 2004 as the “the anthropological discovery of the century” and added to the human family tree as a new species, is not in fact a separate species but a …

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Darwinists’ False Speculation Regarding the Turbot

One important component of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is “gradual development.” This refers to the hypothesis that living species turn into other entities by acquiring different forms through very small, consecutive changes. However, this hypothesis has never been proved by the realities of the fossil record, and in the period after Darwin the science of palaeontology …

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Yakup Kepenek’s Evolutionary Errors

The 30 June, 2008, issue of the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet carried an article by one of the paper’s writers, the economist Yakup Kepenek. In his article, titled “Origin,” Kepenek noted that 1 July, 2008, was the 150th anniversary of the day Charles Darwin first announced his discovery of what he referred to as the law of evolution, and heaped praise …

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The Human And Chimpanzee Errors In Discover Magazine

The Discover magazine web site carried an article of Jim Holt titled “Laughter May Outlive Humans—and Even Numbers” on 27 June, 2008. The article suggested that human beings may well disappear in the future, but that such human characteristics as laughter and counting will survive in the species that evolutionists imagine will replace them in the evolutionary process. In addition …

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