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The Lie of Human Evolution

The Myth of the Evolution of the Brain in The Daily Telegraph

On its web site The Daily Telegraph newspaper carried a Darwinist myth about the supposed evolution of the brain. The report in question was titled “Study traces the evolution of the human brain” and described a new study by researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and published in the British scientific journal Nature. This article is a response to …

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Another blow to evolutionist claims regarding “Homo floresiensis”: Similar miniature remains have been described as Homo sapiens

  The ongoing debate among evolutionists over the miniature human remains described 4 years ago and discovered on Flores Island in Indonesia recently acquired a new dimension with the unearthing of similar human skeletons on Palau Island in Micronesia. The evolutionist researchers who unearthed the Flores bones described them as a separate human species, though many authorities on the subject …

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Statement on the Recent Skull Discovery in China

Evolutionists make a huge fuss over new fossil discoveries. The public are exposed to headlines carrying intensive evolutionist propaganda about claims of missing links. But this sensational air is only temporary. Subsequent scientific findings play down the importance of the fossils involved in missing link propaganda and remove them from the fictitious evolutionary family tree. Evolutionist publications naturally devote little …

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The “Monkey-Making” Gene Deception in Daily Vatan

The Turkish daily Vatan continues to make unscientific distortions by ignoring the insoluble dilemmas facing the theory of evolution in order to keep Darwinism alive. Most recently, in its 4 March, 2008, edition, the daily used a scientific finding that constitutes no evidence for the theory of evolution as a propaganda tool by hanging all kinds of Darwinist terminology on …

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