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The Lie of Plant Evolution

How Much Further Will Darwinists Have to Push Their Imaginary Evolutionar Process Back?

Darwin set out, at least in his own eyes, the timing and course of the imaginary evolution of living things. According to Darwin, living things developed from the supposed first cell, which itself appeared by chance, and one gradually turned into another, again by chance. This unbelievable claim lacked any scientific support, yet the whole theory was founded upon that …

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An 80 – Million – Year – Old Orchid Has Demolished The Fictitious Evolutionary Progression

  Darwinists expected that proof of the evolution that never happened will eventually come to light, but have now suffered a terrible disappointment. The fossil records not only provide specimens of living fossils but also proof that has done away with the imaginary evolutionary family tree. The fact that homo habilis and homo erectus lived together at the same time, …

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Errors In The 9 April, 2005, New Scientist

The cover story of the 9 April, 2005, edition of New Scientist magazine bore the title “Life’s Top 10 greatest Inventions.” The report resorted to evolutionist myths and maintained that the present order in the world formed as the result of phenomena in nature caused by blind chance and that man also came into possession of his present-day biological abilities …

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Convergence Evolution Myth In Nature

The 22 April 2004 edition of Nature magazine carried an article titled “Developmental Genetics: Bittersweet Evolution.” (1) Written by Günter Theißen, the article reported a study by Beverley Glover and her colleagues on the tomato and bittersweet, which was published in the journal Gene. (2) The report revealed that these two plants are identical in terms of the appearance of …

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