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The Molecular Impasse of Evolutionary Theory

Zülfü Livaneli is Mistaken in Thinking that Creation and Evolution Can Be Reconciled

In an article titled “Creation and Evolution” published in the Turkish daily Vatan on 2 November, 2008, Zülfü Livaneli stated that Creation and evolution were not incompatible and hinting, by citing various references, that Creation and evolution should be accepted together. However, Zülfü Livaneli is wrong. The claim in Zülfü Livaneli’s article, quoted in the words of a friend and …

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Darwinists Have Declared That They Cannot Account for the Origin of Life

Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on the idea of the fictitious ‘first cell’ that is alleged to have been inexistence at the beginning of life. The whole scenario that Darwinists build around life is based on that first cell that they claim came into being by chance, in muddy water. The interesting thing, however, is that this miraculous first …

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“Spore:” Further Pitiful Evolutionist Contortions

People have been deceived by the theory of evolution for the last 150 years and have always been told the following lie: “evolution is scientific” (!). The fact is that evolution is not scientific at all, however. Everything scientific refutes evolution. Every branch of science defies evolution. Palaeontology has inflicted grievous disappointment on evolutionists, and there exists not a single …

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Zimmer’s Error Concerning Mathematics and Evolution

The 1 September, 2008, issue of The New York Times carried a report by Carl Zimmer titled “Gaming Evolves.” The article dealt with a computer simulation-based evolutionary game known as “Spore.” Spore begins with single-cell organisms that turn into intelligent multi-celled life forms over the course of the game. As the game progresses these multi-celled organisms develop and establish civilisations, …

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