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The Molecular Impasse of Evolutionary Theory

Protein Cannot Form Unless The Cell Exists As An Integral Whole

Darwinists can write as many deceptive books jam packed with formulae, produce as many false fossils as they like, make as many demagogic assaults on the scientific evidence for Creation as they choose or stick posters up full of fantastical illustrations and present these as exhibitions of evolution all over the place, but none of this will ever change the …

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Random Mutations Destroy Life And Cannot Produce Mutually Compatible Organs

Darwinists maintain that living things evolve as a result of chance mutations and that blind and unconscious mutations gave rise to all the glorious variety of life we see on the Earth today.  This claim represents a serious logical inconsistency. Mutations are breakages, impairments and displacement as a result of radiation of chemical effects in the DNA in the nucleus …

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The Idea That “Mutations Cause Evolution” is A Falsehood

Mutations are dislocations, breaks and impairments as a result of radiation of chemical effects in the DNA molecule in the nucleus of the living cell and that carries all the information about a human being. The information in DNA is set out by 4 separate nucleotides, symbolized by the letters A, T, C and G, laid out in a special …

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Despairing Darwinists Place Their Hopes in Heat

In the In the well-known words of Adolf Hitler, the fascist murder and principal architect of the bloodiest war and slaughter in history; “If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, people will believe it.”  This quotation from Hitler, a conformed Darwinist, perfectly summarizes the heretical ideology of Darwinism. For 150 years Darwinists have based themselves on …

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