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Social Darwinism and Dialectical Materialism

Nonsense About “Evolution Teaching Man” On

Evolutionary propaganda is an attempt to disseminate an unscientific and irrational belief under a scientific guise and using various misleading means. One of these deceptive methods employed by evolutionists  is personification, or ascribing human attributes to non-human entities. A report on the website, which represents one of the organisations still engaging in Darwinist ideology’s unscientific propaganda in Turkey can …

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The ‘Clash of Civilizations’ is the Product of a Darwinist Mindset

The cartoon caricature recently published in Denmark, which has caused such distress throughout the Islamic world, has once again raised the claim of a “clash of civilizations,” whose flames have been so persistently stoked by certain circles. The caricature in question and the idea of a clash of civilizations are nothing more than reflections of the dark mental framework, tending …

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Dan Neil’s Error: Reconciling Darwinism With Religion

On 27 November, 2005, Los Angeles Times carried an article by Dan Neil. Titled “In God and Darwin We Trust,” (God is beyond all this), the article considered the evolution/creation debate in terms of the situation in Chile, and sought to construct common ground between Darwinism and belief in God. Neil maintained that evolution is a scientific theory and that …

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The Error of Islamic Evolutionism

In its October 2-8 edition, the Turkish magazine Tempo published an article titled “Islam Accepts Darwin” as its cover story. That same article was also published in daily Hurriyet and on various Internet sites. Sabah columnist Emre Akoz cited the file as a reference in an article called “Islam Makes Peace with Darwin,” dated October 2. The report in Tempo …

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