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The Transitional Forms Deceit

New Fossil Discoveries Pose A New Dilemma For The Theory Of Evolution

The February 21, 2003, edition of Science magazine carried an article called “Separate evolutionary origins of teeth from evidence in fossil jawed vertebrates.” Based on studies of a number of fish fossils from the Devonian Period, it was suggested in the article that teeth may have evolved at least twice. The aim of this paper is to set out the …

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‘Missing Link’ Headlines in the Media: An Unscientific Deception

Have you seen a newspaper headline announcing a fossil discovery in terms of the “missing link” having been found? In that case you can be 100% certain that the report you are reading is of absolutely no scientific value. The reason is simple: serious scientists decades ago accepted that the idea of a “missing link” and the evolutionary story-telling based …

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A New Fossil Discovery Puts The Theory Of Evolution Yet In A Deeper Quandary

In its June 23, 2001 issue, Time magazine ran a story titled “One Giant Step for Mankind” by Michael D. Lemonick and Andrea Dorfman. This story was based on a discovery reported in the journal Nature. (12 Jul, 2001) However, the story of Time included obvious errors. In the story, it was claimed that the fossil named Ardipithecus ramidus Kadabba …

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The Myth of Bird Evolution

Recently, a 140-million-year-old fossil called Shenzhouraptor sinensis was discovered in the Yixian region of China. According to the evolutionary paleontologist Ji Qiang, this fossil was a missing link between dinosaurs and birds. The fact is, however, that this fossil possesses features that clash with the evolutionists” claims about the origin of birds. Not just this fossil, but also the whole …

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