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The Transitional Forms Deceit

The Claim That Archaeopteryx is the Ancestor Of Birds is A Deception

The fossil bird discovered in Germany in 1860 and given the name Archaeopteryx harbored certain characteristics unlike  those of today’s birds. Darwinists used the teeth in its jaw, claws on its wings and long tail as tools for speculation and the bird was hastily compared to reptiles and heralded, in the absence of any scientific foundation, as a reptile-bird transitional …

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The Concealment Of Cambrian Fossils For 70 Years is A Deception

The Cambrian Period is one of the oldest in natural history and took place 543-490 million years ago. Prior to that, life consisted of single-celled organisms and a few multi-celled organisms, but during it the whole extraordinary variety of life emerged suddenly, in fully formed and perfect states.  All of these life forms have extraordinarily complex features, totally unlike those …

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Celal Sengor Is Right! Darwinism Was Founded on a Momentous Lie

In his column in the 26 June, 2009 issue of Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik magazine, Celal Sengor published a piece titled “The Difficulty with Being Human.”  In the article, Sengor, maintained that “lies” constitute the starting point for a great many discoveries and inventions, and that important scientific finds had been made as a result of them. On the basis of …

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Darwinists’ Latest Desperate Efforts to Keep the Dino-Bird Deception Alive

Darwinists have once again begun raising claims that have already been answered in order to deny the enormous rout suffered by their dino-bird claims. They have been in a terrible panic, especially in recent days when evolution is going through its death throes, and have set about looking for a series of new methods of deception for the sake of …

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