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The Transitional Forms Deceit

Scientists Are Embarrassed by the IDA Circus

Even Darwinist scientists had no qualms about admitting: “THE IDA SHOW IS AN EMBARRASSMENT!” The IDA FUROR, first acclaimed by the Darwinist Jorn Hurum, a paleontologist at the Museum of Natural History in Oslo, and then lauded to the skies by the Darwinist David Attenborough as the missing link that had been sought for so many years and described in …

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The True Facts about the Fictitious “Missing Link” Ida That Darwinists Never Mention

A few days ago the Darwinist David Attenborough came up with a claim regarding a striking discovery(!). According to that claim, the fictitious missing link in human evolution was missing no longer! The fact is, however, that the fossil Ida, depicted as an extraordinary discovery in special broadcasts and publications, is in fact an extinct lemur. Attempts have been made …

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Darwinists’ Vehicles for False Speculation: Extinct Dinosaurs

There is only one reason why the imaginary evolution of dinosaurs is raised to intensively: the fact that dinosaurs are extinct. Darwinists take the remaining skeletons of these animals and engage in whatever speculation they please regarding them. They tell tall tales about scales turning into feathers, wings forming spontaneously and a reptile living on the ground suddenly growing wings …

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The Deception That Therapsids Are Transitional Forms

Celal Şengör engages in propaganda to the effect that the therapsids, which he describes as “reptiles with moustaches,” are an intermediate form between reptiles and mammals.  This claim is invalid because: – The lower jaw in mammals consists of a single bone, compared to three bones in reptiles. Darwinists maintain that the extra bones in reptiles gradually turned into mammals’ inner …

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