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The Transitional Forms Deceit

A New Dino-Bird Lie and Darwinists’ Pointless Wriggling

An article in the 19 October, 2008, issue of Nature announced to the scientific world that a new “dino-bird” had been discovered. It maintained that this creature, described under the headline “A bizarre Jurassic maniraptoran from China with elongate ribbon-like feathers” had “primitive feathers” and represented an example of the imaginary transition from dinosaurs to birds. The fact is, however,  …

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All That Is Left of Specious Intermediate Fossils: Another Tiktaalik Roseae Myth

Evolutionists seek to give the public the impression that fossils support evolution. Yet despite 1.5 centuries of excavations, not a single fossil to back up these efforts has ever been found. For that reason, Darwinists have sought a solution in inventing intermediate forms. Not content with that, they have even attempted to portray “mosaic” life forms which possess characteristics from …

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The Evolutionist Tradition Of Concealing Fossils

Darwinism is such terrible a lie that,   –       For 150 years it convinced people that living things had evolved. –       It convinced people they were descended from ape-likes. –       The theory was treated as a scientific one, even though it possessed not a shred of scientific evidence. –       Efforts were made to give the impression that intermediate forms existed, though …

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Dawkins Declines to Debate with Creationists, Because He Has No Answer to Give!

  Richard Dawkins has responded to our request for a face-to-face debate: “I HAVE VOWED NOT TO DEBATE,” he says. What this actually means is, “I have been defeated on the subject of Darwinism. I have no intention of debating with anyone and being humiliated.”  But it is not clear exactly what he has vowed by. He has obviously not …

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