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The Transitional Forms Deceit

Richard Dawkins Is Wising Up!

University of Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins, who is known to be Darwin’s Rottweiler and has long been striving to sustain a theory which is exposed to a universal destruction, has lately shown improvement! In all his recent articles, conversations and interviews, Dawkins has begun to voice a single truth: that life on Earth cannot have formed by chance! With this …

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Evolutionist speculation about Ventastega

A report titled “Fossil fills out water-land leap” recently appeared on the web site. Dated 25 June, 2008, the report announced the discovery of the latest remains of a fossil described as Ventastega curonica in Nature magazine, the first specimens of which had been unearthed in 1994. The fossil in question is being portrayed as a stage in the …

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The Daily Telegraph’s Distortions Regarding Gerobatrachus

  The 21 May, 2008, internet issue of the Daily Telegraph carried a report titled “Missing link fossil settles frog evolution debate.” The report concerned an amphibian fossil originally unearthed in Texas in the USA in 1995, recently rediscovered and re-examined in the museum where it had been stored and described in the journal Nature. Attempts were made in the …

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The myth of the evolution of the whale in New Scientist

  A report published by the New Scientist news service on 19 December, 2007, outlined a description1  of a new fossil discovery claimed by evolutionists to represent the ancestor of the whale2.  The fossil species in question has been given the name of Indohyus, and is thought to have lived in the rivers of India 48 million years ago. Scientists …

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