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Some Advice For Mine G. Kırıkkanat

 Statements bordering on the downright insulting made by Mine G. Kırıkkanat and directed at people who espouse the fact of Creation, solely on the basis of the fact that their views differ from hers, on the program Sansürsüz, broadcast on the Turkish channel HaberTürk, were totally unbecoming.  If someone else one day directs comments of a similar nature toward Mine G. Kırıkkanat, calling her a “left-wing atheist militant” for instance, she would not be at all pleased. Why employ such terms when more urbane language is available?

If Mine G. Kırıkkanat has a scientific claim she wishes to set out, then the best thing to do is to lay out the evidence for the claim and allow her viewers to make up their own minds on the basis of that evidence. But it is really beyond the pale for Kırıkkanat to become angry with the other side because their ideas conflict with her, and for her to reject out of hand all such ideas. Telling the people to “ask this, but not that” is as unbelievable as it would be to complain about the size of their tie knots. This state of affairs stems from the logic of the Darwinist dictatorship. Since most people have not seen the logic of the Darwinist dictatorship this close up before they no doubt were astonished by the behavior exhibited by Kırıkkanat on the program in question, and this irate and despotic attitude will have been roundly condemned by many.

Adnan Oktar has written some 300 books translated into 60 languages. These books are sold and published all over the world. Millions of people across the world have reported that Adnan Oktar’s works have been instrumental in coming to or deepening their faith. These works are also regarded as a major intellectual threat by Darwinist circles across the world. The Council of Europe was gravely disturbed by the powerful, scientific impact of the Atlas of Creation and attempted to ban the books as a serious refutation of Darwinism. These works by Adnan Oktar contain scientific evidences and fossils dating back millions of years. They include world famous researches by world renowned scientists. For that reason, anyone seeking to criticize these books must do so on the basis of scientific, accurate and rational claims. It is obvious that words spoken in anger but devoid of any scientific infrastructure or evidence will be of no value at all.

The way that Mine G. Kırıkkanat suggested that the guests on the program “appear with findings, like Celal Şengör” was particularly interesting. Like all other Darwinists, Celal Şengör has been unable to provide a single scientific finding or piece of evidence to prove the theory of evolution. That is the reason why the Darwinists in question and Mine G. Kırıkkanat do not participate directly in such programs. The reason why the Darwinist and atheist Richard Dawkins refuses to participate in such debates, despite being invited many, many times, is that he has no evidence in his possession. Yet the two scientists who took part in Sansürsüz did have genuine evidence of Creation in their hands on that day. They turned up with fossils dating back millions of years. They proved that living things had remained unchanged for millions of years. They provided information about the existence of 250 million such fossils. In order for Kırıkkanat to be able to back up her claim she would have to state just what the scientific evidence for or finding in corroboration of it was. The fact that viruses are subjected to mutation or that sheep have grown smaller is, as we have described many times over with full supporting evidence, no proof of evolution.  Proof of evolution would come from transitional fossils or by creating a protein from nothing. In the absence of these, to talk about living things’ variation characteristics as “findings of evolution” is nothing more than a sign of ignorance.

A 50-million-year-old butterfly fossil

From various statements on the program it would appear that Kırıkkanat has misunderstood events that took place at the Vatican. At the Vatican, which has turned into an evolution headquarters as a result of Masonic pressure on the Pope, Dr. Oktar Babuna asked the Darwinist Douglas Futuyma who was on the rostrum whether or not he had a single transitional fossil. Faced by that question, the Darwinist Francisco Ayala said that no answer would be given to that question, WHILE DOUGLAS FUTUYMA FLED THE ROSTRUM. This was the only question to provoke such a response at an event in which everyone was allowed to speak and engage in evolutionist propaganda to their hearts’ content. Only that question was left unanswered, and only in the face of this question did the evolutionist scientist on the rostrum flee the stage. The Darwinists were enraged; the microphone was taken from Dr. Babuna’s hand and he was ushered out of the chamber. A single question literally rocked the Vatican. Darwinism was taught an important lesson in the Vatican. Darwinists were shown to have no answer to and to be helpless in the face of the question “where are the transitional forms?”  As always, Darwinists again on this program responded to a statement that refuted Darwinism with anger, harshness and despotism. Because the theory of evolution is devoid of any scientific evidence or any scientific responses to the questions put to it.

The new movement that believes in Allah but also signs up to evolution is part of the global Masonic stratagem. The Pope has also been made part of this stratagem as a result of this Masonic pressure. Otherwise, as the Vatican and Darwinists are both perfectly well aware, it is impossible to reconcile evolution with belief in Allah. In the Qur’an, Allah speaks of creation from nothing, and this is corroborated by the scientific evidence. If Allah had referred to evolution, there is no doubt that we would have evidence of that. And in that event Adnan Oktar would be the first and most powerful voice to espouse that fact. But since there is no such evidence and since all the evidence points to Allah’s sublime creation, it can quite easily be seen that the claims in question are totally groundless. Evolution was routed in the Vatican. The attempts to reconcile belief in Allah and evolution made by what Dawkins described as the “evolution lobby” were utterly defeated. Adnan Oktar’s representatives there spoke at the Vatican in order to show that evolution was devoid of any evidence, and clearly revealed that very fact. 

Contrary to what Kırıkkanat maintains, there is a flawless equilibrium, and extraordinary majesty and an amazingly complex order in the universe.  Every star and every planet in the universe has a perfect equilibrium that cannot be explained in terms of chance. The Earth is a miracle planet created in order to support life, and every point on it has been equipped with a magnificent equilibrium, measure and detail. And there is an even more astonishing order and system in a single atom in its tiniest corner. There is an amazing perfection even in the motion of a single electron in a single atom. It is impossible to speak of disorder or coincidence in the face of such a stunning balance, glory and complexity in a single electron in a single atom in a single protein that represents the basis of all life in these worlds within worlds.  Kırıkkanat is probably unaware that even the smallest component of these systems she regards, in her own eyes, as random and disordered actually exhibit a perfection that far exceeds the bounds of present-day science.  Today, in the 21st century, scientists who make claims about disorder along the lines of Kırıkkanat’s are totally disregarded. In all likelihood, Kırıkkanat has been unable to shake off the effects of the false movements of the 1980s. 

Kırıkkanat clearly ignored a most significant scientific discovery when she said, “nothing is a beginning or an end.” The Big Bang is a proven fact. All scientists today, Darwinists included, are agreed on the existence of the Big Bang. And the Big Bang is proof that the whole universe and all entities emerged from a point of zero volume, in other words, from nothing. In order to maintain that matter is eternal, one would first have to explain what the Big Bang is. Since we have referred to “zero volume’ prior to the Big Bang, there was nothing before it. There was no matter and no chance. There is no power, in materialist terms, that can produce matter or support Darwinist claims. The whole universe commenced with the Big Bang. And that initial moment is by itself certain and definitive proof of Allah’s mighty and sublime creation. Therefore, the existence of the Big Bang totally eradicates the idea of chance and also the idea that the universe is timeless and eternal. (Ever since the Big Bang the universe has been expanding at great speed. This expansion shows that the universe had a beginning and will also have an end.) Were Kırıkkanat a little more open to scientific innovation she would have learned these things without us having to point them out. 

The atheist view that Kırıkkanat claimed developed in Spain is in fact an important reality representing the essence of Islam that was altered and distorted over the course of time. This view is the fact that Allah is manifested in all things. What that reality means is this: Everything on Earth and in the sky is Allah”s and a manifestation of Him. Allah is the only absolute entity, and the other entities created by Him are not absolute. The other “I’s” that watch the images created by Allah, human beings in other words, are in fact souls from Allah. Since it is Allah who creates all things, it is natural that all the things created by Him, human beings, plants, the Sun, the Earth and all the world and the universe should exist as manifestations of Him. There are no entities independent of Allah. The Arabic words En-el Hak mean, “I am composed of Truth, I am not what is Untrue.” This means we are entities that bear the spirit of Allah. Allah enfolds all things with His Almighty Being and Light. As revealed in one verse, Allah is nearer to man “than his jugular vein.” (Surah Qaf, 16) That is an important reality that will draw people closer to Allah and lead them to praise Him. 

It is impossible for anyone to live in peace if they think that everything is the work of blind chance and do not believe in Allah and in paradise and hell. People have to value the entity opposite them if they are to live by good moral values. But for someone who does not believe in Allah there is nothing to oblige him to attach any value to any other human being, whom he will describe as an animal and believes to be the work of chance according to Darwinism. Since someone who believes in Allah, loves Him and fears His wrath, he will also love everything Allah creates, in other words all His manifestations. When people feel this love and fear Allah it is impossible for them to treat anyone else immorally, to hurt them or regard them as worthless. It is impossible for them to hate or to be jealous. Because it is Allah who creates all things. Every entity is under the control of Allah. Someone who loves Allah will naturally love His creations. This is a natural moral virtue that stems from a profound love and fear of Allah. But if someone believes he came into being by chance, since he will regard everyone as independent and uncontrolled, he will be proud throughout the course of his life, feel hatred for what they do and seek revenge on them. He will constantly be worried for the future and seek an imaginary peace and happiness that always eludes him.

Kırıkkanat’s attitude as exhibited throughout the program clearly reveal the sadness and angry state of mind that Darwinism brings with it. 

Asked “how was the universe created?” Kırıkkanat avoided the question by saying “that is not something that lends itself to discussion.” But since Kırıkkanat believes in chance she should also be able to explain the beginning of the universe in terms of coincidence. But one would expect her to have to account to give and to avoid the question. Since nothing can be explained in terms of chance, the question obviously has no answer in respect of atheists and Darwinists. Since such people have no answer, they generally try to close the subject by saying, “This subject goes beyond the bounds of science.” But the fact is that the question has no answer because Darwinists have no reply to it, not because it goes beyond the bounds of science. The sole answer to this question is the existence of Allah, the Almighty Creator. It is evolution itself that goes beyond the bounds of science. This dogma, launched for the sole purpose of denying the absolute existence of Allah and supported by not a single piece of evidence, is totally refuted by the fact of Creation, for which there is enormous scientific evidence. Since it was put forward for the purpose of eliminating belief in Allah, IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT Darwinism SHOULD BE DEMOLISHED WHEREVER IT IS DEBATED, THAT THE PROOFS OF CREATION BE EXHIBITED AND FOR IT TO BE DEMONSTRATED THAT ALMIGHT ALLAH IS THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS.


The theory of evolution is not a theory that renews itself. It is constantly being refuted and lacks any corroboration. The only reason it is supported so fiercely, even angrily, despite have constantly been proved to be a lie over the last 150 years, is that it is a dogma. The only reason why they try to keep the Darwinist dictatorship alive through pressure, not with science, is that it is a dogma. There is currently a glorious diversity of life on earth. If we look backward in time to seek evolution, as Kırıkkanat wishes, we again see that same perfection, but no trace of evolution.  There are still living classes, but there are are all fully formed and perfect. They live in a harmonious equilibrium. The fossil record with its 250 million examples show us that. This obstinacy and anger, intended to protect the deception that is Darwinism, in fact shows the dimensions that the Darwinist dictatorship can assume. Darwinists have merely been belittling themselves through these methods for many years now.

The 21st century is a significant time in which the Darwinist defeat has been exposed and the Darwinist deception revealed to the whole world. People are abandoning this outdated theory in droves.  And they are turning to belief in Allah in vast numbers. It is a waste of time to attempt to indoctrinate the Turkish people, in particular who have read the Atlas of Creation, attended conferences on the fact of Creation and touched fossils proving Creation with their own hands. The time has come to see and understand the facts that the whole world has realized. Darwinism is dead. The one absolute Being is Almighty Allah, He who created the universe and all living things from nothing.

That is Allah, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything. Eyesight cannot perceive Him but He perceives eyesight. He is the All-Penetrating, the All-Aware. (Surat al-An‘am, 102-103)

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