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The Bans That Cannot Be Breached in Universities

ver the centuries, various theories have been proposed in biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry and just about all other such branches of science. These are then either eventually confirmed or disproved. Thus is it that scientific theories lead to scientific progress.

When it comes to the theory of evolution, however, the rules are very different. The theory is not built on any scientific data. It is constructed around a twisted ideology. Those who refuse to admit that Allah (God) created life tried to develop what they regard as an alternative to the fact of Creation. To put it another way, Darwinism is a religion adopted by evolutionists in order to deny the existence of Allah.

It is for that reason that the methods used in the imposition and dissemination of Darwinism have always been very different from real scientific theories and scientific progress. Not one single scientific finding has to date supported the theory of evolution. The theory is literally devoid of any supporting evidence at all. Not one single piece of experimental evidence showing that the false mechanisms of Darwinism lead to evolution has ever been obtained. On the contrary, all the scientific evidence obtained has refuted Darwinism time and time again.  Scientific progress and further additions to the fossil record continue to demolish the theory.

Nonetheless, however, the theory of evolution is still under protection all over the world. That applies to no other scientific theory or ideological movement. None enjoy global protection or are officially preserved under the law. Anyone who wishes to can criticize fascism or capitalism, set out their ideas about all ideologies and express contrary views. But it is impossible to do such a thing with Darwinism. Those who are critical of Darwinism in any way are immediately removed from their posts and hastily prevented from making their views public.
Professors who have devoted 20 or 30 years to their own universities are suddenly removed from their posts the moment they criticize Darwinism. A state employee will be sacked the moment he is realized to be an anti-Darwinist. A biology teacher can never tell his or her close friends and family or students that he or she is opposed to the theory of evolution. Because they know that their career will come to an end if they do. This law is so strictly implemented that it is literally a crime to say a word against Darwinism. Nobody has the courage to do that.

It is because of this giant hegemony that the evident insoluble dilemmas facing evolution and the frauds of Darwinism are never spoken of out loud. These are the bans that cannot be breached in universities! One cannot say that there exists not one single transitional fossil. One can never say that it is mathematically impossible for a single protein to come into being by chance and that this is a scientific fact. One cannot say that there are more than 100 million living fossils that refute evolution. Living fossils are hidden away and disregarded the moment they are found. One can never say that countless frauds have been perpetrated in the name of Darwinism, and that fossils are hurriedly removed from museums once they are shown to be false. Neither can one ever say that Darwinism is a lie that has deceived the world for the last 150 years.

Because Darwinism is a false religion, but a false religion under state protection.

The spell of this dark religion was broken for the first time by Harun Yahya’s magnificent Atlas of Creation. This book revealed everything that nobody had had the courage to say before, and told the whole world, with full supporting evidence, how Darwinism is a terrible lie. It is available to everyone in the world over the internet, and has told everyone that although there exist no intermediate fossils that might support the theory of evolution, there are more than 100 million fossils that refute it. It has exhibited these fossils in full detail and proved, using proof that is a far cry from evolutionist demagoguery, that the theory of evolution is a lie. It said what nobody was able to say for 150 years, immediately neutralized all the intimidatory techniques employed by this dark faith that enjoys world-wide protection, and exposed all its lies. That is the reason for the Darwinist panic going on at the moment.

Evolutionists had constructed a plan to rule the world and shape the course of its future. They imagined that this plan, which they had placed under global protection, would operate totally smoothly.  But they are unaware that Allah is the best planner of all and that He will confound and destroy all of Satan’s snares. Allah has demolished this superstitious faith. No matter what lies they may choose to come up with, Darwinism will never, by Allah’s leave, be able to deceive people again.

As our Almighty Lord says in one verse:

They plotted and Allah plotted. But Allah is the best of plotters. (Surah Al-‘Imran, 54)

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