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What Will Dawkins Have to Say to This?: Londoners Say “We Support Creation”

The 1 July, 2009, issue of the Birmingham Post daily newspaper carried the results of a recent opinion poll, according to which the number of believers in London has risen considerably. These people who voted against evolution believed that Allah had created all of life, just the way it looks now and in a single moment. 

This must have come as a considerable shock to Richard Dawkins, who engages in wide-ranging activities intended to spread atheism and Darwinism in Britain and worldwide!  Perhaps the most important shock for Dawkins will have been such a powerful rejection of Darwin, the founder of the fraud of evolution, in his home country and even in his home town. The British public must have become aware of the lies told on behalf of evolution in their own country, since they have increasingly begun loudly ridding themselves of this deception.

This is of course the expected conclusion. There is an important fact we have told all Darwinists – and Dawkins – many time over. We have told them, “if you put people into a darkened room but let them glimpse the Sun for just a very brief moment, you will never afterwards be able to convince them there is no Sun outside. We have told them that all the scientific evidence points to Creation, and that it is impossible to convince people who know that not a single transitional fossil exists of anything else. We told them that now that the fraud of Darwinism has been so noisily revealed, the old techniques of demagoguery and false publications will no longer be enough to keep evolution alive. We said that people have now learned what Darwinist demagoguery really is, that Darwinist deceptions have been exposed and that they have now begun looking on Darwin and Darwinism as fraudulent. But Dawkins and some other Darwinists like him still thought that propaganda, demagogic statements and false fossils could still have an effect on people and that the Darwinist dictatorship would remain strong, no matter what.  Dawkins placed his trust in that alone and imagined he could effectively indoctrinate people with atheist propaganda in the form of posters on the sides of buses.

But the position in London, where those bus posters were most intensively employed is that PEOPLE IN LONDON NOW BELIEVE IN ALLAH.

It is of course natural for an increasing number of people in various countries to be turning to Allah. Any logical person will draw only one conclusion from the evidence he sees around him, and the glorious artistry on Earth and perfect Creation; the existence of a Sublime and Almighty Creator. Any rational person can see from the evidence provided that evolution is the worst deception in recent centuries. It is of course very easy for people to see, from countless pieces of evidence, that they have been deceived and to realize the existence of Almighty Allah. That is why, no matter how much they may try, neither Dawkins nor any other Darwinist can change the facts of which people have been convinced in their minds. Neither Darwinist propaganda nor the Darwinist dictatorship have the power to do that any more.

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