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Why Do Darwinists Not Give Up?

Darwinism is the worst mass deception in the history of the world. This false theory, launched with a false use of science, is supported by not a single piece of scientific evidence. But this deception has still been disseminated across the world, using false fossils and intense demagoguery, and has entered school books and is taught as a compulsory course in universities.  Propaganda for this deception has been carried in the world’s best-known scientific journals and other publications, as if it were an established fact. This is a result of the systematic activity of the Darwinist dictatorship that has ruled the world for the last 150 years. The Darwinist dictatorship uses this technique to wear people down:  

A scientist studies for years, works very hard, makes sacrifices and eventually becomes an expert filled with whole volumes-worth of knowledge. One subject has been taught for decades in the best schools, and it is essential he believe in this if he is to become a “scientist:” Evolution. From an early age he has seen pictures of imaginary ape-like ancestors of human beings, looking at pictures of hoax skulls, he imagined he was descended from those creatures and believed, on the basis of false fossil images, that living things descended from one another in stages. He was told that “there is evidence of evolution” and new pictures were placed before him. Odd-looking beings about to step from water onto dry land, or a strange dinosaur about to take off in flight were put before him as evidence of this imaginary transition. He never even thought of seeing real fossils belonging to these fictitious transitional creatures. He never wondered why Darwinists have never come up with even a single intermediate form fossil, why there have only ever resorted to hoaxes or why they kept genuine fossils hidden away. Because throughout the course of his education he was indoctrinated with a single idea, “belief in evolution is obligatory, and all ideas opposed to it must be rejected.”

In time, this person will realize that he should not oppose Darwinism. He will see that the Darwinist dictatorship holds sway all around him; later, he will even learn that this rotten Darwinist dictatorship rules the whole world and enjoys the backing of the states in it. It will dawn on him that those people choosing to make a stand against Darwinism have been intimidated or removed from their posts, and that his teachers have taught him nothing but Darwinism. And he will realize that even if he has come to believe that Darwinism is a fraud, it is essential that he never question it. Because if he wants to be a scientist, he must do what the Darwinist dictatorship says.

When he becomes a scientist and attains expert status, when he is praised by scientific circles, constantly keeps his name in the scientific journals, is invited to attend conferences, discussion panels and congresses, is supported by one and all and has made a really good career, he will also think that some things are very difficult. He will of course have realized that Darwinism is a deviant theory, that it is supported by no scientific evidence whatsoever and is a pagan religion that has been imposed on whole masses of people. It is impossible for a scientist to fail to comprehend something that primary school children now have no difficulty in understanding. Throughout his career he will have been compelled to advocate this false theory. He will have thought he has no alternative if he wants to preserve his career in the face of pressure from the Darwinist dictatorship. He will have talked about evolution for 30 years, written books about it, given lectures on the subject and held conferences concerning it, so admitting that it is a fraud will be very difficult. He thinks that to do so will mean repudiating his career and that he will be excluded by the Darwinist dictatorship. He is well aware that it is a huge error to advocate Darwinism, but he will continue having to espouse a lie under pressure from the Darwinist dictatorship.

Scientists everywhere in the world are currently in exactly the same situation. It is impossible for scientists not to see the fraudulent nature evolution, especially now that millions of living fossils have been displayed, particularly with the Atlas of Creation, now that 100 million fossils unearthed have all repudiated Darwinism and now that the fact that NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL EXISTS has emerged into the open. If that scientist is a real scientist, unhampered by prejudice, if he acts in the light of the scientific evidence, THE SCIENTIFIC FACTS ARE THERE FOR ALL TO SEE. It is impossible for such a scientist to believe in Darwinism any longer. 

The best thing for any scientist who sees this is to honestly defend the true facts, RATHER THAN PERSISTING IN MAINTAINING A LIE.

There have been some very high-profile instances of this. Anthony Flew, for instance, spent years propagandizing atheism, and has countless books and conferences on the subject to his name. From being a dyed in the wool adherent of atheism and Darwinism, he began looking a little more closely at the scientific facts in front of him and came to have faith in our Almighty Lord by seeing that nothing on Earth comes into being by chance, that everything is created for a purpose and that everything created is a separate miracle. Francis Collins a former Darwinist and atheist and director of the Human Genome Project is another example. Looking honestly, closely and rationally, and without bias, at the DNA he was investigating was enough for him o come to believe in Allah. 

There is no doubt that Allah protects everyone who sees the truth and turns onto His path. Even the Darwinist dictatorship that seems so powerful at the moment is under Allah’s control. When the time comes – and the day is not far off – the Darwinist dictatorship will collapse and cease to exist. All might and power belong to Allah. That is why level-headed scientists who have seen the true facts, even if they have spent years advocating Darwinism, must follow their consciences and abandon this outdated theory before it is too late. It is a violation of good conscience to espouse a lie in the knowledge that it is a lie, and may incur a heavy responsibility. The truly virtuous thing is to abandon one’s error and follow one’s conscience by seeing and teaching the truth.

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