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An Appeal To Reason

The origin of life, which is to say, the question of how the first living things came into being on Earth, is one of the biggest dilemmas confronting materialists in the last century and a half. Why should that be so? It”s because even a single living cell, the smallest unit of life, is incomparably more complex than even the greatest technological achievements of the human race. The laws of probability make it clear that not even a single protein could ever have come into existence by mere chance; and if this is true of proteins-the most basic building-blocks of cells-the accidental formation of a complete cell is not even thinkable. This is of course proof of creation.

One study on this subject that we can refer to is a calculation made by Robert Shapiro, a professor of chemistry and expert on the subject of DNA at New York University. Shapiro, who is both a Darwinist and an evolutionist by the way, calculated the probability that all 2,000 of the different types of proteins that it takes to make up even a simple bacterium (the human body contains about 200,000 different types), could have come into being completely by chance. According to Shapiro, the probability is one in 1040.000. (Robert Shapiro, Origins: A Sceptic”s Guide to the Creation of Life on Earth, New York, Summit Books, 1986, p. 127) (That number is “1” followed by forty thousand zeros. and it has no equivalent in the universe.)

Certainly it is plain what Shapiro”s number must mean: The materialist (and its companion Darwinist) “explanation” that life evolved as an accident is certainly invalid. Chandra Wickramasinghe, a professor of applied mathematics and astronomy at the University of Cardiff commented on Shapiro”s result:

The likelihood of the spontaneous formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number with 100.000 noughts after it…It is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution. There was no primeval soup, neither on this planet nor on any other, and if the beginnings of life were not random, they must therefore have been the product of purposeful intelligence. (Fred Hoyle, Chandra Wickramasinghe, Evolution From Space, New York, Simon & Schuster, 1984, p. 148)

The astronomer Fred Hoyle makes the same point:

Indeed, such a theory (that life was assembled by an intelligence) is so obvious that one wonders why it is not widely accepted as being self- evident. The reasons are psychological rather than scientific. (Fred Hoyle, Chandra Wickramasinghe, Evolution From Space, New York, Simon & Schuster, 1984, p. 130)

Both Wickramasinghe and Hoyle are men who, during much of their careers, approached science with a materialist bent; but the truth that confronted them was that life was created and both had the courage to admit this. Today, many more biologists and biochemists have put aside the fairy-tale that life could have emerged as an accident.

Those who are still loyal to Darwinism-those who still contend that life is a result of chance-are indeed in a state of consternation as we said at the beginning of this chapter. Just as the biochemist Michael Behe meant while he said, “The resulting realisation that life was designed by an intelligence is a shock to us in the twentieth century who have gotten used to thinking of life as the result of simple natural laws.”(Michael Behe, Darwin”s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, New York, The Free Press, 1996, p. 252-53), the shock that such people feel is the shock of having to come to terms with the reality of the existence of Allah, Who created them.

The dilemma that these adherents of materialism have fallen into was inevitable because they are struggling to deny a reality that they can clearly see. In the Qur”an, Allah describes the perplexity of those who believe in materialism like this:

“”By the Sky with its oscillating orbits. Most surely, you are at variance with each other in what you say. Averted from it is he who is averted. Cursed be the conjecturers; those who flounder in a glut of ignorance.”” (Surat adh-Dhariyat: 7-11)

At this point, our duty is to summon those who, influenced by materialist philosophy, have overstepped the bounds of reason, to reason and commonsense. We have to call them to cast aside all their prejudices and to think, to ponder the extraordinary design of the universe and of the life in it and to accept it as the plainest proof of the fact of Allah”s creation.

But the real author of this call is not ourselves but Allah. Allah, Who created heaven and Earth from nothing, summons the human beings He created to exercise their reason:

“”Your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the Earth in seven days and then established Himself firmly on the Throne. He directs the whole affair. No one can intercede except with His permission. That is Allah your Lord, so worship Him. Will you not pay heed? “” (SurahYunus: 3)

In another verse, mankind is addressed thus:

“”Is He Who creates like him who does not create? So will you not pay heed?”” (Surat an-Nahl: 17)

Modern science has itself proven the truth of creation. It is now time for the scientific world to see this truth and derive a lesson from it. Those who deny or ignore the existence of Allah, and this is especially true of those who pretend that they are doing so in the name of science, should realize how deeply misled they are and turn away from this path.

On the other hand, this truth revealed by science has another lesson to teach to those who say that they already believed in the existence of Allah and that the universe was created by Him. The lesson is that their belief may be superficial and that they have not fully thought about the evidence of Allah”s creation or about its consequences and that, for this reason, they may not be fulfilling all the responsibilities incumbent upon their belief. In the Qur”an, Allah describes such people like this:

“”Say: “To whom does the Earth belong, and everyone in it, if you have any knowledge?”

They will say: “To Allah.” Say: “So will you not pay heed?”

Say: “Who is the Lord of the Heavens and the Lord of the Mighty Throne?

They will say: “Allah.” Say: “So will you not have heedfulness?”

Say: “In whose hand is the dominion over everything, He Who gives protection and from whom no protection can be given, if you have any knowledge?”

They will say: “Allah”s.” Say: “So how have you been bewitched?”” (Surat al-Muminun: 84-89)

Having come to the realization that Allah exists and that He created everything, to remain indifferent to this truth is indeed a sort of “being bewitched”. It is Allah Who created the universe and the world in which we live perfectly for us and then brought us into being as well. The duty of every person is to regard this as the most important fact of his life. Heaven and earth and everything in between belong to Allah the Sublime. Humanity should regard Allah as its Lord and Master and serve Him as is due. This is the truth revealed to us by Allah in the words:

“”He is the Lord of Heavens and the Earth and everything in between them, so worship Him and persevere in His worship. Do you know of any other with His name?”” (Surah Maryam: 65)

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