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Darwinists Should Produce Proof of Evolution Rather Than Engaging in Demagoguery

Since they lack any scientific evidence, Darwinists have no other method than demagoguery they can use. For whole, long paragraphs they use strange and incomprehensible words that not even they themselves understand, and imagine that they can thus influence their readers. Darwinists, who think that these statements, commonly known as “verbosity,” are enough to convince people of the rightness of their case, imagine that old techniques are still valid today. The fact is, however, that these demagogic statements devoid of any evidence convince nobody, anywhere.
More than 100 million fossils have so far been unearthed. Geologists have been conducting excavations ever since the 19th century, but not one of these 100 million fossils is a transitional form. They all belong to fully-formed, perfect, complete and flawless life forms. A great many of them are the same as life forms in existence today, making them living fossils. These have been displayed in all their splendour by way of the Atlas of Creation. The theory of evolution has suffered a terrible and vicious defeat in the face of all this important evidence.
If they are unwilling to respond to this clear evidence of Creation, all Darwinists need to do is to produce “one single proof,” rather than issuing demagogic statements many pages long. 

To all the proponents of evolution in the world;

You can resort to demagoguery all you like, and write articles 6 or 60 thousand pages long, but demagoguery will get you nowhere in the face of these 100 million pieces of evidence. You must also produce some evidence. You just need to produce 10, or 3, or even “just one” transitional fossil. All you need is to prove that one single protein emerged by chance. If you cannot do that – and the fact is that you cannot – then empty words serve no other purpose than of consoling yourselves. Asked whether you have any evidence, you say, “we have our demagoguery.” But demagoguery is not the answer. 

There is no possibility of 100 million pieces of demagoguery in the face of 100 million fossils. Darwinists still imagine that the way of responding to 100 million proofs is by writing vast numbers of pages. People all over the world are waiting for an answer from Darwinists. All your writings are in vain and incapable of rescuing Darwinism. Our advice to you is that you immediately renounce the error that the supporters of Darwin have found themselves in since the 19th century and, if you have no evidence capable of supporting evolution, that you try to see the real evidence and the truth that “true science” reveals.

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