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One More Time: From National Geographic Tv: The Evolution Of Speech Error

The documentary series “Lost Worlds,” broadcast by National Geographic TV, continued on April 16, 2003 with the episode “Human Invasion.” The program contained speculation regarding the last 50,000 years of the so-called evolution of man and called on interpretations by various evolutionists. Yet again, National Geographic TV engaged in propaganda concerning the theory of evolution and its most popular component, the “evolution of man” scenario. The program described how hand-made objects and various artistic products from the period showed how there had been a kind of intellectual leap in human beings and also contained various evolutionist speculation about the capacity for speech and thought.

These evolutionist accounts of National Geographic TV”s about the origin of speech and thought were devoid of any scientific foundation and were speculation entirely dependent upon preconceptions. One of these contained the following statements:

Every child still exhibits this astonishing change (beginning to speak). He builds sentences by using simple words and verbs. By the age of three he suddenly discovers grammar. Language, learnt very quickly and easily, may be an instinctive ability. One can also refer to it as an evolutionary leap which began in the Stone Age.

Since the theory of evolution maintains that man evolved from an ape-like creature it also regards all these human characteristics as having emerged during this so-called evolutionary process. As well as possessing no scientific evidence, evolutionists have no propaganda difficulties regarding the “physical” aspect of this so-called evolution. Discoveries of fossils of extinct species of ape and the remains of disappeared human beings prepare the ground for wide-ranging speculation. It is by no means difficult, with the use of one”s imagination, to design the physical features of a creature somewhere between the ape-like ones of an imaginary ancestor and those of modern man: slow progress from walking on four legs to an upright posture and walking on two, a gradual reduction in the amount of body hair, the gradual disappearance of the protuberances on the hands and feet used for climbing trees and an increasing resemblance to human hands and feet, etc.

Yet human beings have another property whose physical features cannot be seen, something for which evolutionists are unable to suggest any intermediate stage: thought. Nothing is known about the physical foundations of consciousness, the source of thought. To put it more accurately, there are no such foundations.

Computer-supported brain scans have revealed not the slightest clue about the foundations of thought, and all attempts to seek those foundations within the brain cells have proved fruitless. That is only to be expected, since the cells which make up the brain consist of atoms such as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. It is clear that atoms can neither “know,” “feel” nor “think.” Such properties belong to the soul, something which belongs beyond the material realm.

The fact that these statements on National Geographic TV refer to language as an evolutionary leap or instinct is an expression of that helplessness. The term “evolutionary leap” really means “it somehow happened to suddenly evolve” and is an implicit admission of defeat aimed at sliding out from under the ruins. That is because what evolutionists refer to as instinct is nothing more than a characteristic which cannot be shown to be linked to any physical structure even though it is observed in behavior. Instinct, in other words, represents a real “unknown” for evolutionists rather than being an explanation.

The efforts to resolve this unknown from an evolutionist perspective appears to have left National Geographic TV in the middle of an unsolvable difficulty. Unable to make a comment regarding the imaginary evolution of consciousness, evolutionists resort to chance mutations as a way out whenever they are trapped in a corner on this issue. Indeed, one evolutionist whose views are cited in the program does just that:

Forty thousand years ago there was a major change in modern human beings” thinking. There was a different part of the mind in which different intelligences controlled social, technical and grammatical intelligence etc. In some way these different areas came together. How the human mind emerged is not known. Brains might have undergone a change resulting in a restructuring in a different way, perhaps due to a genetic mutation of some kind.

As we can see, not one shred of concrete evidence is offered here for how this so-called evolution might have come about. In fact, the anthropologist Kathleen R. Gibson, whose views are canvassed immediately afterwards, says:

Could a sudden mutation have happened 50,000 years ago? There is no change in the brain”s external structure. Neither are there any findings to indicate a sudden mutation that might have radically restructured the functioning of the brain.

Evolutionists are thus unable to propose any mutation which might account for the origin of human reason. It is evident, therefore, that engaging in speculation based on mutations is a waste of time. Even if one were to accept for one moment that an organ as complex as the brain could have emerged by means of mutations, the product of blind chance, this does not mean that evolution can account for the origin of thought, since as we have already stated, consciousness is a phenomenon that cannot be reduced to matter.

It is certainly miraculous the way that a child with no knowledge of the science of linguistics can build sentences by using nouns and verbs when he or she reaches the age of three. The child has learned how to put words in order and how to express his thoughts to someone else. Furthermore, when speaking a person automatically carries out the most complicated muscular movements: one is able to employ 100 or so muscles in such a way as to produce syllables, words and sentences. We never even wonder how this behavior, which takes place entirely spontaneously, actually takes place as we engage in it. We simply “desire” to speak, it is as simple as that.

All this goes to show that the abilities to speak and think, which have no physical foundation, have been miraculously designed and given to man. No blind coincidence can turn an animal into a thinking and speaking human being. The odds that this could have happened by means of random mutation are about the same as those of the fairy story about the prince and the frog being true. It is God, Who created man and gave him consciousness.

This documentary aired on National Geographic TV is a propaganda vehicle screened for the sole purpose keeping Darwinism alive and containing no scientific explanation. National Geographic TV must stop trying to account for the abilities to speak and think by means of evolutionary fairy tales and must instead accept the fact that the origin of these, and of man in his entirety of course, lies in “creation.”

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