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A New Convergent Evolution Lie: The Scenarios Dreamed up around Pseudotribos robustus

  A report published in the 1 November, 2007, edition of Nature magazine and on the National Geographic web site on 31 October, 2007, raised another question regarding which Darwinists find themselves in an impossible position – the facts that different life forms have had similar structures for millions of years.
  Scientists examining the fossil remains of Pseudotribos Robustus, a 165-million-year-old small mammal discovered in Mongolia established that this animal’s dental structure was the same as that in many species alive today. Evolutionist scientists have no answer to this, and once again resorted to the “convergent evolution” deception behind which they have been sheltering for some time, and repeated the claim that teeth evolved twice in mammals, in an independent manner. To put it another way, Pseudotribos Robustus is again being used as part of a familiar Darwinist deception.
  Just like the Punctuated Equilibrium Lie, the Convergent Evolution deception was thought up by evolutionists eager to avoid facing the facts revealed by the fossil record. (The fossil record produces fossils belonging to forms of life which still exist today, rather than of any intermediate forms.) Punctuated Equilibriumis a theory that was proposed in order to plug this particular gap. Rather than providing any evolutionary explanation for the situation in question, however, it has taken its place as one of the disgraces in the history of the idea of evolution. (For further details regarding Punctuated Equilibrium, click HERE.) The convergent evolution deception is a scenario that was similarly born from a need to account for a fact revealed by the fossil record. Since the presence of similar characteristics in different life forms poses a challenge to the theory of evolution, evolutionists naturally sought to disguise the problem, though they naturally failed in this area as well. Because the convergent model of evolution offers no explanation for the claim in question and is unable to provide any evidence to support it. 
  The Convergent Evolution Scenario Invented around the New Fossil Is a Deception
  Research into the fossil remains of Pseudotribos Robustus, which estimated to have been around 12 cm in size, has shown that the animal fed on insects and small pieces of vegetation and that it was able to burrow into the ground. The noteworthy characteristic of the animal is its teeth, perfect for tearing and shredding, of exactly the same kind as those found in present-day mammals. Teeth such as these, also found in other fossil remains, were regarded by Darwinists as an element triggering mammalian diversity. However, the discovery of this 165-million-year fossil has eradicated the claim in question. That is why Darwinists have sought shelter behind the idea of convergent evolution. Yet these endeavours are all in vain. One major feature of present-day mammals can also be observed in another mammalian species that lived 165 million years ago.
  In order for Darwinists to be able to claim that these special teeth evolved separately in this animal 165 million years ago and in present-day mammals, they have to provide a scientific account of both evolutionary processes. Yet Darwinism is unable to account for any characteristic possessed by any living thing. The appearance of a totally unexpected characteristic in a totally unexpected life form is not something that Darwinists can gloss over by means of evolutionary scenarios dressed up with new names. While the theory of evolution represents the basis of Darwinism, it is completely devoid of any supporting evidence in such areas as the imaginary transition from one life form to another. The theory is totally unable to explain the origin of life and has been unable to provide one single shred of evidence for any of its claims. It has been unable to point to one single intermediate form from the fossil record that might verify its hypotheses. The theory of evolution is in a state of severe crisis and collapse. The way that Darwinists hide behind new and fantastical theories in situations in which they are hopeless predicaments is one indication of that reality.
  The 165-Million-Year Fossil Is a Marvel of Creation
  The fact emerging through the discovery of Pseudotribos Robustus is that, like all other living things, this creature demonstrates the fact of Creation and repudiates the theory of evolution. By possessing 16 million years ago teeth found in present-day mammals, highly complex physical structures, this life form deals a deadly blow to the theory of evolution. Even before this the theory of evolution was unable to account for the appearance of such special structures as teeth, and now it has to explain how these evolved a second time. The theory of evolution keeps producing new theories around newly discovered fossils, but the amount of evidence that evolutionists need to find is increasing by the day and palaeontology provides not one single piece of such evidence. The whole situation is the exact opposite of what Darwinists had been expecting; fossil findings place Darwinism in an insuperable dilemma while they constantly provide proof of the fact of Creation. It is perfectly natural that this should be so, because all the entities in the world are the works of Allah (God), our Almighty Lord, Who created each one of us out of nothing. Each one is a reflection of His sublime artistry. False theories and propaganda techniques can never prevent the emergence of that reality.
  Darwinist publications are always after the same thing, both in Turkey and in the rest of the world. They seek to keep the theory alive, not with science, but by means of lies, fraud and propaganda. It is obvious, however, that there is actually no such thing as evolution. All the efforts made to keep this theory, for which no supporting evidence has emerged over the last 150 years, alive are all completely in vain. Scientists must change direction according to the facts revealed by science. When they do that they will see that the facts all indicate the incomparable creation of Allah. Nature and National Geographic have a duty to look at science from that perspective.

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