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Animal Planet “Big Cat Diary”

An evolutionary claim regarding cheetahs’ anatomies was carried in a program about these animals. It was first explained how the cheetah skeleton was very light to allow it to run fast, and then claimed that this feature was an “evolutionary cost.” Animal Planet described how cheetahs were defenceless against such large predators as lions, and portrayed the ability to run fast as an evolutionary advantage, and its defensive weakness against predators as an evolutionary cost.

The first thing we need to be aware of is that there is absolutely no evidence of the so-called evolution of cheetahs. In this program, Animal Planet merely relates fairy stories in a manner compatible with its own preconceptions.

As far as logical progression goes, it is clear just how amateurishly this claim, devoid of any scientific evidence, has been prepared. We can summarize the stages of the amateur evolutionary propaganda engaged in by evolutionists thus:

1. First two separate features of an organism are identified (fast running and size)
2. These features are compared with other living things (The cheetah is the fastest, but is smaller than the lion, for instance)
3. The feature of the organism portrayed as superior as a result of this comparison is described as an evolutionary advantage
4. The feature of the organism which is portrayed as weak as a result of the comparison is described as an evolutionary cost.

As we have seen, all that happens is that a few comparisons of living things’ properties are made, following which the judgement is offered that these came about by evolution. This is a method of suggestion employed for propaganda purposes, not a scientific approach.

Defending evolution according to this logic is as nonsensical as maintaining that the way a jeep capable of moving in the desert is compatible with its surroundings is an evolutionary advantage, and that its heavy chassis represents an evolutionary cost.

What Darwinists need to do is to examine the features of living things and to show how these could have emerged by evolution. The fact is though that evolutionists are unable to do this even for a single cell, let alone a cheetah.

When the cheetah anatomy is examined it can be seen that all its bones and muscles have been designed in such a way as to produce a sprinter capable of the same swift acceleration as the fastest motor vehicles, and possessing perfect balance and maneuverability. In the same way, everyone who looks at a racing car can clearly see that it has been designed for speed. Nobody could possibly claim that this car emerged as the result of natural processes. In the same way that the car has a designer, so does the cheetah. Scientific findings show that the design in living things is far more complicated than any man-made design

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