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Animal Planet “Champions of the Wild”

The following evolutionist statement is made in this documentary about insects:

Bats and birds developed a pair of fingers into wings. But the wings of insects emerged by themselves and are very strong.

Both statements are incorrect. Let us examine them in turn.

The claim that the wings of insects developed by themselves shows that Animal Planet is involved in a great deception because in the same program Animal Planet accepts that insects emerged suddenly and have undergone no change for hundreds of millions of years. On this matter, Animal Planet has the following to say:

The emergence of insects on earth, together with other multi-limbed, can be dated back 350 million years. Earlier flying creatures EMERGE SUDDENLY AMONGST FOSSILS AS IF IT IS NOT KNOWN WHERE they came from. And THEY ARE THE SAME TODAY as they were observed to be millions of years ago.

As we can see, Animal Planet can still relate to evolution insects which emerged suddenly, that is unevolved, and have shown no evolutionary development over millions of years! Reflecting and presenting scientific truths which are clearly damaging to the theory of evolution as “proof of evolution” is the “logic management system” peculiar to Darwinists!

The claim about bats and birds is a product of the same dogmatic approach. The origin of birds and bats constitutes one of the blind alleys of the theory of evolution. The irreducible structure of the wings of birds and their peculiar lungs renders the claim that these living creatures emerged by stages definitely invalid. In fact, the Archaeopteryx, the oldest bird, had the same characteristics as birds of the present; its peculiar bird structure emerged suddenly.

Bats also emerge suddenly in fossil records. That the structure of fossilized bats from fifty million years ago is no different from that of present day bats again show that claims about their evolution are just dreams. Furthermore, such a complex system of bats as their sonar has also been found in the fossils. The finding of such complex systems even in specimens of the most ancient bats clearly gives the lie to Animal Planet”s evolutionary claims. (See Darwinism Refuted, Goodword 2003, by Harun Yahya,)

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