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Dinosaur Planet: Little Das Hunt

This documentary dealt with various dinosaur fossil fields in the North American continent, particularly the state of Montana. Fossils of various dinosaur species such as Tyrannosaurus rex and computer animations were shown and imaginary evolutionary relationships among them were constructed. These so-called family relationships have no scientific foundation, and rest merely on evolutionist preconceptions. These exist not in the paleontological facts, but in the minds of evolutionists. Moreover, constructing such family relationships is a totally unscientific method. As with all other living groups, dinosaurs appear suddenly in the fossil record, and with all their flawless structures. This fact gives the lie to evolution and is evidence for creation. The evolutionist preconceptions in this documentary on Discovery Channel are to a large extent as those in a documentary previously aired on the same channel and responded to by us. You can read our response to the claims in this documentary from the links below:


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