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Evolutions Errors Regarding Bambiraptor Feinbergi

Bambiraptor feinbergi is a fossil theropod (small, meat-eating dinosaur) species discovered in the U.S. state of Montana, in 1994. It consists of a skeleton that is 95% complete and is dated to some 75 million years ago. It is presented as evidence by evolutionists for “birds are dinosaurs” theory- which has been the subject of widespread media propaganda despite being devoid of scientific evidence.

Evolutionists point to significant anatomical similarities between this dinosaur species and birds, and claim that this specimen might represent an intermediate form in the alleged evolution from dinosaurs. However, this is an entirely forced interpretation.

Firstly, this is evident in the reconstruction drawing where the creature is shown covered with feathers. The fact is, however, that no remains of feathers have actually been found with the fossil. (1)

In addition, the age of the fossil is much younger than earliest members of its supposed descendants known to science. That is because Archaeopteryx, which lived 150 million years ago, (75 million years before Bambiraptor), is a bird capable of powered flight. It is, of course, nonsensical to suggest that the 75-million-year-old dinosaur Bambiraptor could be the forerunner of a taxon that dates back to 150 million years ago. Making such a claim is the equivalent of suggesting that a boy is the ancestor of his own grandmother.

Anatomical similarities between Bambiraptor and birds prove nothing and go no further than supplying material for prejudiced interpretations. As there are anatomical similarities between theropods and birds, there are also pronounced anatomical differences. The world-famous ornithologist Dr. Alan Feduccia explains:

“Well, I”ve studied bird skulls for 25 years and I don”t see any similarity whatsoever. I just don”t see it… The theropod origin of birds, in my opinion, will be the greatest embarrassment of palaeontology of the 20th century.” (2)

The evolutionist claims regarding Bambiraptor are invalid in the face of scientific evidence that totally undermines the dino-bird theory.

Unidirectional lungs and feathers are structures unique to birds, not found in reptiles, their alleged ancestors. The complexity of these structures cannot be accounted for by evolution.

In land-dwelling creatures, air flow is bidirectional. Upon inhaling, the air travels through the passages in the lungs (bronchial tubes), ending in tiny air sacs (alveoli). The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place here. Then, upon exhaling, this used air makes its way back and finds its way out of the lung by the same route.

In birds however, air is unidirectional. New air comes in one end, and the used air goes at the other end. Thanks to special air sacs all along the passages between them, air always flows in one direction through the avian lung.

It is impossible for a creature to survive during the alleged evolution of this organ. Commenting on the unique anatomy of the avian lung, the molecular biologist Michael Denton from Otega University in Australia has written that, it is impossible “even to think” that this evolved from the standard vertebrate design. (3)

Feathers are entirely different structures compared to the scales found on reptiles. As an ornithologist has put it, “in development, morphogenesis, gene structure, protein shape and sequence, and filament formation and structure, feathers are different.” (4)

Furthermore, the oldest feathers obtained from the fossil record possess exactly the same structure as modern feathers, giving the lie to evolution. (5) (These are just two of the insurmountable problems facing the “birds are dinosaurs” theory. You can read about the others here.)

No wonder, Storrs L. Olson, the curator of birds at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History, states that:

The “birds-are-dinosaurs” people have dominated this discussion for a long time. There are a lot of problems with birds being dinosaurs, although the theory has been publicized in the popular media. (6)


As we have seen, the evolutionist interpretations regarding Bambiraptor consist of forced interpretations. The portrayal of this fossil as evidence for the “birds are dinosaurs” theory, is totally unscientific. That applies not just to the Bambiraptor fossil, but to all fossils ascribed to the dino-bird theory.

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