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Living Things Never Evolved in Any Way, and There Is No Foundation to Scenarios of Human Evolution

The situation today has stunned evolutionists and inflicted severe panic on them. There is at least one specimen of every one of the living things in existence today, be it a wolf or a fish, a woodpecker or a flycatcher, a deer or a tortoise, in the millions of years of natural history. We can see from the fossil record that every one of these life forms were in existence millions of years ago. Some were living 350 million years ago, some 150 million years ago and others 60 million years ago. But not a single one has changed. Every one of the fossils discovered has exactly the same features as its present-day counterparts, and is no primitive. They are exactly the same as today’s life forms. They have never changed, and never underwent evolution. They had exactly the same appearance then as they do now, and thus refute the theory of evolution.

An approximately 25-million-year-old horse fossil, for example, which according to Darwinists ought to be no larger than a dog, is identical to modern horses. A wolf skull dating back 120 million years, long before the time determined for the appearance of mammals by evolutionists, has been discovered. This life form has remained unchanged for 120 million years. There are hundreds of such examples. 
(For detailed information, see the Atlas of Creation, Vol.s 1,2,3, Harun Yahya)
In summary, the fossil record has shown and continues to show that life forms have never altered. In contrast, there is not one single fossil to indicate that living things have changed, in other words that they have evolved.
Like other life forms, human beings have also remained unchanged over millions of years, and have always existed as human beings
In the same way that there is not one fossil of an intermediate form to prove the fictitious evolution of life forms, so there is not one intermediate fossil to prove that human beings evolved. All the fossils put forward by Darwinists are entirely speculative, and the invalidity of each and every one has been demonstrated.
That being the case, it is astonishing that Darwinists can still claim that human beings have altered and evolved. They act as if there were some form of evidence to support their claims, and ignore the specimens, identical to the today”s specimens” counterparts, that the fossil record is constantly giving up. Indeed, they keep coming up with new tales regarding the illusory evolution of man. Despite the absence of a single intermediate form fossil to show that human beings evolved, they constantly come up with baseless “evidence” or else invent new tales on the basis of matters that have nothing whatsoever to do with the subject. This terrible logical collapse is at the same time a terrible deception. Since no life form on Earth has ever changed, and since the fossil record makes this crystal clear with millions of different examples, the idea of human evolution is equally invalid.
This raises a number of questions. Why do Darwinists insist that human beings have changed when all the life forms on Earth appear suddenly in the fossil record and in the same form as they have today, and have never altered one iota? What is the origin of the countless scenarios produced despite there being not one single piece of evidence to confirm human evolution? These are questions that Darwinists can never answer.
In fact, the only possible answer to these questions is quite obvious: in the same way that no other life form ever changed, neither have human beings. In the same way that evolution never happened in natural history, so it never occurred in the history of mankind. In the same way that there is no fossil evidence to indicate that any other life forms have ever changed, so there is none showing that human beings ever evolved. What is more, fossils exhibit a continuity, or stasis, that totally demolishes the theory of evolution. It is obvious in the face of all this evidence that, as with all the speculation about the supposed evolution of living things, all the claims made about the supposed evolution human beings are mere sophistry and a terrible lie.
Since they are aware that all these facts have all now emerged, they are in a state of utter panic, the reason for which is the defeat of Darwinism itself, revealed by the panic being suffered by its proponents. The way that the fossil specimens have silenced all the conjecture about the changes undergone by living things, and that people have seen the true face of Darwinists with regard to the supposed evolution of man and have realised that all their claims are lies, have led to enormous Darwinist despair and panic. This represents the obituary of Darwinism. Evolutionists have been left with no more claims to make or hide behind. All Darwinist claims are untrue, and the fact of creation, in all its majesty, is plain to see. It is Allah (God) who created human beings and all other living things. He created them all from nothing and determined a particular way of living for each one. Our Lord Allah (God) is the Lord of all things. This is the truth that the whole world is finally beginning to realise; that hollow Darwinist speculation is nothing but a lie.

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