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National Geographic’s Errors Regarding Gorilla Intelligence

A documentary called “Planet of the Apes: Gorillas From the Heart of Darkness ” was broadcast on the National Geographic TV channel on March 19, 2003. The film dealt with footage shot in natural surroundings by a Belgian serving as a diplomat in Rwanda in the 1960s. It showed footage taken by the diplomat, who remained in the country at the end of his posting, of the mountain-dwelling species known as the silverback gorilla.

Lacking any previous experience, the adventurous diplomat fearlessly entered the gorillas” environment and spent years studying their behavior as if he were one of them. The documentary provided details of the males” struggle for supremacy and of the family lives of gorillas living in groups, and a most interesting program about the lives of these vivacious animals emerged. However, National Geographic TV”s dogmatic Darwinist interpretations of the subject lowered the film”s scientific level, and although the diplomat”s research provided no evidence for evolution, it referred to gorillas as “human-like apes,” in a totally Darwinist linguistic style.

First of all, there is absolutely no evolutionary relationship between man and the gorilla, the orangutan, the bonobo and chimpanzees, which evolutionists describe as “human-like apes.” Evolutionists claim, on the basis of certain genetic and anatomical similarities, that all these living things evolved from a common ancestor. The fact is, however, that there are similarities between many living things in nature, not just between those listed above, yet these similarities are no evidence for evolution. Evolutionists point only to similarities and equate them to the fictitious process of evolution, yet they are unable to come up with a consistent thesis as to how the organs and structures said to possess such similarities might have come into being, and make do with saying that everything is the result of random mutations, in other words of blind chance. Yet mutations play no evolutionary role. The fact that it is impossible for the exceedingly complex structure in living things to have come about by means of mutations shows that these structures are the product of a common design, not chance. Allah has created primates and human beings separately from one another. 

National Geographic TV refuses to accept this fact, and frequently broadcasts documentaries about tailless monkeys and engages in Darwinist propaganda by means of the evolutionist messages it airs to the accompaniment of vivid images. The concept of the “human-like ape,” the result of the channel”s own prejudices, is just one part of this propaganda. In this latest documentary, the intelligence of gorillas is used as a tool in this propaganda:

“Our wondering what a gorilla thinks is an indication of our own intelligence. Yet gorillas” brains evolved to serve them in their own world, not in ours. Finding food is a daily problem. Gorillas have developed an intelligence which respects nature. Their is no doubt that they know when fruit will ripen.”

National Geographic TV offers no scientific evidence, but describes gorilla behavior with such expressions as “evolved” and gorilla intelligence as “developed.” The reluctance of a gorilla to eat unripe fruit does not show that its intelligence came about by evolution. Every living creature can learn what foods will make it unwell by trial and error, and may then avoid those foods in the future. It is not a consistent approach to maintain that this behavior is the product of an intelligence which emerged with evolution, itself based on blind chance.

It is similarly inconsistent to say that gorilla intelligence evolved in such a manner as to serve itself. A living thing with no intelligence cannot, obviously, design an intelligence to serve its own ends and develop this inside itself. It cannot create a nervous system and complex brain structure inside itself. This approach to gorilla intelligence is just as illogical as saying “Pieces of iron, glass and plastic and the like came together and formed this airplane” when one sees a jet plane.

National Geographic must finally abandon its belief in Darwinist superstition and put an end to evolutionist propaganda based on nothing more than fairy tales.

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