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National Geographic Tv “Last of the Dragons”

In this program, information was provided about various species of reptiles. In describing the scales which cover reptiles” bodies, National Geographic TV accounted for the origin of these structures with the following evolutionary tall tale:

Scales were provided by the process of evolution over millions of years for different purposes. They were given to allow the snake to assume a colored appearance, thus warning its enemies that it was poisonous, for defence, and to allow it to move on land.

This tall tale of Discovery Channel”s is entirely based on imagination. One noteworthy aspect of such tales is the way they stress how the imaginary evolutionary process lasted for “millions of years.” In other words, the suggestion is made that long periods of time can produce new biological structures. The fact is, however, that biological change in living things takes place within the existing gene pool, and the length of time involved is irrelevant. Indeed, species are known which have come down to the present day totally unchanged even after hundreds of millions of years. It is perfectly clear from the fossil record that the shark, for example, has not changed at all in 400 million years. Saying that the imaginary evolutionary process can give living things new biological structures is an even taller tale. This hypothetical process is dependent on natural phenomena, devoid of any consciousness or purpose. Yet the biological structures in living things are exceedingly complex. There is no possibility that these complex structures could have come about by chance.

The molecular biologist Harry Rubin makes the following admission:

Life, even in bacteria, is too complex to have occurred by chance. (Harry Rubin, “Life, Even in Bacteria, Is Too Complex to Have Occurred by Chance” in Margenau and Varghese (eds,), Cosmos, Bios, Theos, p. 203)

It is consistent to base the origins of biological structures which cannot be explained in terms of chance on intelligent design, not an imaginary process of evolution.

For an example, let us consider the movement system in a tank to show that the scales on the snake are the product of design:

When one looks at the caterpillar treads of a tank one sees that these consist of ribs set out one after the other. The outer tips of these have vertical protrusions. When the tank is in motion these dig into the ground, enhancing traction and reducing the amount of energy expended by the tank. It is clear from the way the struts in the tread are set out and they way they are produced so as to grip the ground that there is a design here acting in the light of a specific purpose.

The same features can be found in snake scales. There are scales on the snake”s stomach, and these are set out one after the other, in an order which may be described as geometrical. The muscles immediately beneath these scales provide pulling power by being attached to many vertebrae, and propel the snake forward with regular contraction and expansion. This movement can only be carried out in an ordered manner under the control of a complex nervous system. It is clear that the muscles underneath the scales and the nervous system which causes them to contract in a synchronized manner are designed in such a way as to provide movement. When we look at the tread of a tank we can see that this is the product of an intelligent design, in other words that it was made by an engineer. In the same way, the far more complex scale design is also the product of intelligent design, in other words, of creation.

Another evolutionary tall tale proposed in the program concerned the giant sea reptile Mososaurus, said to have lived 65 million years ago. National Geographic TV shows the bones in its fins and then relates the tall tale that these were once land creatures and that the bones in their fins served as feet. National Geographic TV makes the same claim regarding dolphins and whales. Yet there is not the slightest scientific evidence to back up these claims. It is well known that National Geographic TV is a strong supporter of Darwinism and that it reinforces this with popular tales on all platforms. National Geographic has already aired its tales about the evolution of the whale, and we have responded to that error on this site. The origin of sea mammals represents one of the most lethal blows to the theory of evolution. For more information concerning the invalidity of National Geographic TV”s tales about Mesosaurus, see  and

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