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New Species Discovered in a Cave and the BBC’s Evolution Deception

Many of the errors in evolutionist reports are concerned with the interpretation of the “evolution” concept. Let us once again illustrate this by means of a report carried on the BBC website. In a report carried on the site’s science page on 1 June, 2006, titled “Unknown creatures found in cave,” it was announced that previously unknown species had been found in a cave in Israel, and information was provided regarding these organisms’ unique ecosystems. These life forms, consisting of eight invertebrates, were found in a cave that contained a lake and is thought to have been a part of the Mediterranean Sea millions of years ago.

These creatures are crustaceans, and include a blind species resembling the scorpion. The Israeli biologist Dr. Hanan Dimantman commented, “the eight species that were found are only the beginning.”

The BBC report also carried evolutionist speculation regarding this very ancient and unique ecosystem, it being claimed that these life forms had lost their eyes during the process of evolution in the gloom of the cave.

In this account of the creatures’ blindness, it may be understandable to state that they had lost their eyes, but it is a grave error to refer to this as “evolution.” Because, as we so frequently emphasize on this site, the change hypothesized by the theory of evolution is one that “imparts genetic information.” The situation reported by the BBC, on the other hand, represents no evidence for the theory of evolution. As the author of the BBC report himself admits, the situation here is one in which there is a “loss” of eyes. These animals did not acquire a “new” function, or “new” genetic information, in this ecosystem in which they were isolated; on the contrary, they lost systems that had previously existed.

From that point of view, the BBC misinterpretation is like someone pointing to a lorry whose brakes have failed running downhill totally out of control as evidence for the claim that a car can climb uphill in neutral gear and without the engine running. That is because the BBC is claiming one thing but attempting to back this up with a development pointing to the exact opposite.

Evolutionists attempt to distort such irrelevant situations and turn them into misleading evidence because all their numerous directed mutation experiments over the generations aimed at developing living things and endowing them with new functions and structures have ended in failure. As admitted by Ernst Mayr, one of the most influential proponents of Darwinism in the 20th century and a former Harvard University zoologist, there is “no clear evidence … for the gradual emergence of any evolutionary novelty.” (Mayr E., Toward a New Philosophy of Biology: Observations of an Evolutionist, Harvard University Press: Cambridge MA, 1988, pp. 529-530)

In short, the BBC article is merely the latest deception in a line of missing-link fairy tales at which evolutionists making claims regarding evolutionary novelty clutch. We hope that the BBC science news team will see that Darwinism is a discredited theory and that playing with words can benefit it nothing at all.

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