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Science Fictitious Evolution Propaganda By The Animal Planet Channel

On the 2nd of May the Animal Planet channel aired a documentary called “THE FUTURE IS WILD.” It was about animals, which would supposedly ‘evolve’ over the next two hundred million years. Computer generated images of weird looking animals were accompanied by an even weirder storyline: A species of fish called ‘flish’ would appear. These fish that have the ability to fly, would eat all the other fish, and cause their extinction.

Another strange creature called ‘crypile’ was introduced in the documentary. It resembled lizards and, according to the storyline, it would feed on flies on the salt deserts, which were to form by the evaporation of the Mediterranean Sea over many millions of years. Its hunting technique was interesting too: flies would be trapped on the sticky surface of the fan like ‘collar’ around its neck and then retrieved by its tongue, almost the length of its entire body. More weird creatures were described in the documentary, but every single one of them was just the fruit of a vivid imagination. Never minds science fiction, this documentary was just plain fiction.

Before formulating an adequate response to this documentary, it must be stated that the evolution theory has been invalidated by the findings of modern science many times over. The evolutionists cannot even explain how a single cell could have formed by itself. The so-called missing links are still ‘missing’, despite their ceaseless search for them in the fossil records for over 150 years and, best of all, the sciences of biochemistry and genetics reject evolution categorically.

Furthermore, when we look at natural history, we find that contrary to the claims of species evolving by developing different anatomical features by the Animal Planet documentary, animals preserve the same body form over hundreds of millions of years. Scientists call this reality, observable in every species of animal, ‘stases’. For instance, the 400 million years old fossil of a Coelacanth is no different to the Coelacanths of today. Likewise, hundreds of millions of year’s old fossils of crustaceans, worms, beetles, amphibians, turtles or birds, are still the same animals as the living representatives of those species. This reality was acknowledged by the renowned paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard University:

Most species exhibit no directional change during their tenure on earth. They appear in the fossil record looking much the same as when they disappear; morphological change is usually limited and directionless.

This being so, there is no scientific cause for us to think that animals, 200 million years hence, will be any different to today’s.

These unscientific assertions by the Animal Planet’s documentary are based on the book titled The Future is Wild. The authors of this book are fanatical evolutionists who simply disregard all the scientific evidence disproving evolution and continue to defend this unscientific theory. It is obvious that the weird creatures in the documentary had not come about by scientific research. They are simply the creation of the Darwinist propaganda.

Animal Planet could not stop itself from calling the narrators ‘experts’ all the time, but what for? Even if the narrator of a fictitious story was not a layman but a so-called expert, imagination remains imagination.

In short, the Animal Planet channel was not concerned about airing a tragicomic fictitious story, playing its part in the evolution propaganda. We call on the channel to be more realistic and discerning about their programming. 

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