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The Myth Of Feline Evolution

On 6 January, 2006, the BBC website published a report titled “New cat family tree revealed.” The report concerned a genetic analysis regarding the origin of cats conducted by a team led by Warren Johnson of the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland, USA. The scientists in question interpreted their findings in the light of blindly held evolutionist assumptions and came up with a story regarding the so-called evolution of today’s cats.

According to this evolutionary fairy tale, today’s cats evolved from a forerunner that lived in Asia some 11 million years ago. It was then claimed that eight lineages, including lions, ocelots (a leopard-like feline living in Central and South America) and domestic cats emerged during this imaginary process.
In truth, however, this study provides no objective support for the theory of evolution.

First, there is no fossil record to back up such an evolutionary tale. Indeed, this can be seen by reading between the lines of the BBC report, which said this on the subject:

The family history of the cat has been notoriously murky in the past, in part because the few discovered cat fossils are very difficult to tell apart.

As with all other living groups, the cat family appears suddenly and with flawless physical structures in the fossil record. The claim that felines evolved gradually from another mammalian group is a fantasy, because there is no intermediate form to support it.

Secondly, the genetic study in question in fact offers no scientific evidence regarding this claim about the origin of felines. The data obtained by researchers who have adopted the theory of evolution as a dogma right from the outset are interpreted according to an evolutionary myth they have invented in their own minds. This is of no more scientific value than a fairy tale.

In short, the claims regarding the origin of cats in the BBC report are based solely upon evolutionist preconceptions. It is utterly misleading to draw up family trees for living things and to give the impression that we know which species supposedly evolved from which. We advise the BBC to stop reporting evolutionist hypotheses as if they were scientific facts and to finally abandon its misleading evolutionary propaganda.

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