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A Fossil That Refutes Theories of Human Evolution, and Darwinist Propaganda

An article titled “Earliest Primate Ancestor Had Surprisingly Tiny Brain” appeared on the website on 31 May, 2007. Various other publications such as National Geographic and Science also carried the same report under a variety of other headings. It was reported that a newly discovered 29-million-year-old fossil by the name of Aegyptopithecus zeuxis had a rather small brain, contrary to all Darwinist expectations. The fact revealed by this new fossil came as a complete surprise to Darwinists. So much so that it has caused evolutionists to totally alter their theories on this subject, it being claimed that the brain had supposedly evolved independently throughout the course of the supposed transition from early primates to those living today.

The noteworthy element in the article concerned was this: the fossil in question is completely at variance with evolutionist claims and refutes the supposed developmental sequence set out by Darwinists in the fictitious evolution of man. This brain volume, smaller than that of a lemon, differs from that of primates from the same period and has completely undermined the Darwinist scenario of gradual evolution. So why is it that publications holding Darwinist views describe this finding as “the ancestor of man”?

The intention here is obvious: to keep Darwinist ideology alive by playing word games. People reading the article and lacking sufficient information on the subject will form the impression from the headline that the discovery represents evidence for evolution. That is quite enough for Darwinists. Since their aim is to spread their own ideology rather than maintain the scientific facts, they employ this propaganda technique to suit their own aims. They attempt to use every fossil discovered – despite the fact that the fossil clearly emphasizes the fact of creation and totally refutes evolution – in favor of evolution, and thus have no qualms about employing the technique with regard to this latest fossil finding.
However, as is made clear on the New Scientist website, the scientific realities are very different. The fossil in question exhibits very powerful characteristics, despite the small size of its skull. Investigations have shown that its owner had a perfect sense of sight. Its powerful teeth are more prominent than those in previous primates. Male skull fragments shows that males were larger than females than had been expected. Moreover, its skull characteristics show that the creature was very active in its daily life. According to the suppositions of the theory of evolution, these three characteristics, – excellent sight, males being larger than females and activity in day-to-day life – presuppose a growth in brain volume. Yet Aegyptopithecus zeuxis totally refutes these evolutionist claims.[1] 


The conclusion emerging from the evidence obtained is this: Darwinists have not a single intermediate form fossil they can point to in order to prove the supposed evolution of man. To put it another way, the Darwinian idea of human evolution has not been scientifically proven. There is now, however, evidence that contradicts the Darwinist claim of human evolution, and this has upset all Darwinist theories on the subject. The fossil in question is just one of hundreds of fossils that make it clear that human evolution never took place. Yet this major and important evidence is depicted as evidence for the theory of evolution, which is entirely lacking in any supporting evidence whatsoever. This is Darwinist ideology. Darwinist religion is founded upon portraying things that never happened as having done so, non-existent evidence as proof, and lies as the truth.

However, the fact that Allah (God) creates all entities is so obvious that attempting to deny can have no effect on anyone capable of seeing the facts. Living fossils announced to the whole world keep providing significant evidence of the sublime creation in living things. Literally defenseless in the face of these countless proofs, Darwinists imagine that they can defend themselves and their theories with mere propaganda techniques. The reality is very different, however: Darwinism is dead and buried. The whole world is now aware of this.


Aegyptopithecus zeuxis is a discovery that definitively refutes the Darwinist idea that living things evolved gradually from one another. It clearly reveals that Allah (God) is sufficiently mighty to create all living things whenever He so wishes, with the characteristics He so desires. Opposing this fact so clearly demonstrated by fossils is a course of action leading nowhere. Our advice to the Darwinist publications concerned is that they avoid entering this minefield, but report the scientific facts together with the truths these reveal.

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