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Animal Planet “Animals: A to Z The Beetles Record Breakers”

At the beginning of this documentary about species if insects, this evolution story is told: “Insects evolved in great numbers. They evolved from being covered with armor to creatures that live under the ground and those that are wonderful flying machines….. One of the reasons why insects have been so successful is the design of their wings. Their front wings became a protective armor covering the delicate wings they use to fly. This is what allowed them to conquer the world. “

Insects have been used as examples in the development of robots with many different uses and aircraft with higher maneuverability. Creatures with such a wonderful design and movement capability have a highly complex physiological system; for this reason, Animal Planet calls flying insects “wonderful flying machines”. There is no reason at all why Animal Planet should try to explain the origin of creatures as the result of evolution through a series of blind chance events. No chance event can produce a helicopter or any other aircraft. If you left all the parts that go into making a helicopter scattered around in a certain place, no natural events related to chance events could ever bring a helicopter into being. To think the contrary is as illogical as to think that an insect”s wings, nervous and respiratory system, body design, eyes and other organs are the result of chance. Although Animal Planet has no proof for the supposed evolution of insects, they are able to put forward this unscientific and illogical claim. This is because Animal Planet has blindly accepted Darwinism.

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