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The blind evolutionist dogma again appeared in the documentary The Human Body, prepared by BBC and broadcast on NTV on October 9, 2002. This episode dealt with the birth process, and after describing the extraordinary events undergone by a baby in its mother”s body until birth it suggested that there was “no design” in all of these. As will clearly be seen after an examination of the proper accounts set out below, this claim is even more nonsensical than suggesting that a 100-storey building equipped with the most advanced technology could have formed itself in the middle of a city, with no designer or conscious builders involved.

After a description of the events experience by a baby growing in its mother”s body and the way that all the conditions for birth are met with no intervention by the mother herself, the following words were spoken: “Our bodies did not emerge as the result of design. Our bodies assumed their present forms the result of enormous transformations. Those features which keep our bodies from perfection are problems inherited from our ancestors. The real miracle lies in the finding of a solution to these problems.”

These words are nothing more than totally baseless Darwinist propaganda. In saying that there is no design in the body, NTV is denying the truth of the existence of Allah and claiming that it was blind chance and unconscious atoms which gave rise to the human body. NTV, the broadcaster of the documentary, accepts that there are certain difficulties during birth, but says that although these problems are “miraculously” resolved they are a legacy from man”s ape ancestors, and that it is again blind chance and unconscious atoms which bring these solutions about. In order to see how unrealistic this claim by NTV is, we need look no further than a few of the examples concerning birth given in the documentary:

“The eye sockets from first in the embryo”s skull in the mother”s womb. The eyes are later sited within these sockets.” If we think along similar lines to NTV”s claim and assume that there is no “design” here, then we should believe the following: The atoms and the cells composed of these atoms which make up the embryo are so intelligent, conscious, far-seeing and capable of working as a team (!) that they are fully aware of what the eye is, how it works and what seeing means. They are capable of working in such a planned manner as to prepare a home for the eyes before these are even formed. Alternatively, there has been such an unbelievable coincidence that firstly two sockets in the embryo”s skull happened to form by chance. Again by chance (!) these sockets are placed symmetrically and regularly in the human face, in the most aesthetically pleasing location.

“The pelvis is the widest part of the human body. The width of the pelvic bone is ideal for man to be able to walk and stand on two legs and for the baby to squeeze its head during birth. If we again think along similar lines to the NTV claim and assume for one moment there is no “design” here, we should have to believe this: The unconscious atoms which decided to construct the human body came together and decided on the ideal dimensions for man to be able to walk and stand on two legs and to give birth. They then built the human skeleton with these dimensions in mind. Alternatively, and again by chance, the cells came together in such dimensions and in such an organized manner that they happened to form the most ideal bone and skeletal structure for man to be able to walk and give birth (!).

There is no difference between believing that scenario and believing that idols made out of stone or wood possess a creative power. The one is as nonsensical as the other. The truth is that none of the events which go on in the mother”s body during birth can be explained by chance. The products of Allah”s superior art of creation and infinite knowledge can be seen at every stage of the process. A few examples of what happens during birth will be provided below, although these are only some out of many thousands. As we shall see, saying that these are the result of chance is a violation of reason and logic:

The embryo needs to be sited in an appropriate place if the pregnancy is to continue in a healthy manner. The place selected must offer both protection and the facilities to allow birth to take place nine months later. This place must also be near the blood vessels in the mother”s body, which will allow nutrition to reach the baby. The ideal spot is of course the wall of the womb.

The embryo, which moves down the Fallopian tube towards the womb, acts as if it is aware of this. It never tries to stop or attach itself to any part of the Fallopian tube, in which it remains for 3-4 days. It behaves as if it is aware that trying to attach itself anywhere before reaching the womb will end its chances of survival. It moves forward as far as the womb, finds an area on the womb wall rich in blood vessels, and attaches itself there. Like a seed thrown into the earth sprouting and putting down roots, the embryo both continues to grow and also creates new channels of nutrition for itself by moving deeper into the tissue which will provide nutrition for it.

It will be useful to draw attention to one particular point here. The very fact of the embryo”s being able to select the most suitable place for itself is a miracle. G. L. Flanagan, author of the book Beginning of Life, stresses the extraordinary nature of this:

How does the cluster make such an astonishingly “forward-looking” selection? (Geraldine Lux Flanagan, Beginning of Life, Dorling Kindersley, London, 1996, p.33.)

There is no doubt that this far-sightedness belongs not to a collection of cells devoid of any capacity for thought, but to the Creator Who brought it into being. NTV tries to ignore this fact, and is committing a grave error in doing so.

As birth approaches, the amniotic fluid embarks on those activities that will be necessary to facilitate that birth. This fluid comprises sacs, which will enlarge the mouth of the womb, thus allowing the womb to assume the dimensions to allow the baby to pass. These sacs also prevent the foetus from being crushed in the womb during birth. Furthermore, when the sacs burst and release their fluid at the commencement of birth, the path to be taken by the foetus is both lubricated and sterilised. In this way, birth takes place easier and in a manner naturally free of germs. (Laurence Pernoud, J”attends un enfant, Pierre Horay, p.138.)

As well as all these preparations in the womb, a great many other conditions also need to be met at the same time in order for the baby to come into the world safely. For instance, the baby needs to assume the best position for entry into the world. It slowly begins to turn with a succession of foot movements and thus enters the neck of the womb. The baby”s scope for movement is now restricted and it cannot remove its head from here. (Geraldine Lux Flanagan, Beginning Life, p.103.) But how does an as yet unborn baby decide which position is best? How does it know what the most suitable position is? Moreover, how does a baby in its mother”s womb know when the time to be born has come? All these question show that the beginning of human life comes about with a flawless design and not, as the NTV documentary would have it, through evolution based on chance.

Many more examples of this miraculous design can be seen as the baby comes into the world. For instance, the baby”s skull needs to have a structure which will not damage the birth canal if a healthy birth is to take place. When we look at the baby”s skull we see that it consists of five bone layers, between which is the soft tissue known as the “fontanel,” which allow this requirement to be met. This soft structure gives the skull elasticity, for which reason the pressure inflicted on the baby at the moment of birth does its brain and skull no harm.

Many volumes have been written about these events during birth, which clearly reveal that they are flawlessly planned. Just a few of these will show that chance plays no role whatsoever in the creation of a human being. Which of these could be claimed, with scientific evidence, to have come about by chance? The miracles repeated throughout the length of the NTV documentary are miracles of Allah, not of unconscious atoms and blind chance.

In the Qur”an, Allah reveals this to those who deny Him despite the clear nature of His creation:

“”… Do you then disbelieve in Him Who created you from dust, then from a drop of sperm, and then formed you as a man? He is, however, Allah, my Lord, and I will not associate anyone with my Lord.”” (Surat al-Kahf, 37-38)


It is utterly obvious that it is Allah Who created living things and the entire universe. It is also clear that living things possessed of such a flawless order and exceedingly complex structures cannot be the work of chance. Despite this, however, those who maintain that it was chance which created the universe and living things are defending claims which are so nonsensical that even children would find them laughable, and are doing so because they fail to think honestly and insist on denying the existence of Allah.

We do not believe that neither BBC, the owner of the documentary, nor NTV that broadcast it genuinely support such irrational claims. We imagine that the meaningless, unproven, irrational and illogical evolutionist claims dotted through this documentary, which provides striking images and effective information and describes instances of Allah”s creation in a beautiful way, have escaped its notice, and hope that BBC will rid itself of this evolutionist propaganda, which is meaningless and devoid of scientific evidence and credibility. 

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