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The “Ape-Man” Reported by daily Hürriyet Turned out to Be a Hoax!

The course of the hoax-filled history of the theory of evolution has seen many frauds, including embryological fraud, the dino-bird fraud and the peppered moths fraud; however, the “ape-man” fraud occupies a special place in that history. Because they are linked to the origins of man, the Piltdown Man hoax and the Nebraska Man scandal are the best-known of these deceptions, and have inspired enormous interest, or rather enormous misinformation. The former was an attempt to produce evidence for the ape-man myth by mounting an orangutan jaw onto a human skull, while the latter portrayed a boar tooth as a hominid discovery, the public being told that this proved evolution. These hoaxes date back to 1912 and 1922. However, “ape-man” hoaxes are still being perpetrated today, and false evidence is still being manufactured, despite the present levels of knowledge, science and technology. One of the most significant examples of this occurred in 2005, when it was revealed that an evolutionist professor of anthropology had provided false information about the ages of various major fossils for some 30 years.
The most recent instance of these evolutionary deceptions emerged in the context of a report carried in the 18 August, 2008, issue of the Turkish daily Hürriyet.
The report, titled “Half-Man, Half-Ape,” suggested that “traces of a half-man, half-ape, sought for many years in the forests of the USA and Canada, have been discovered.” The report in Hürriyet went on to say that this ape-man body had been discovered by the Americans Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer, and that the creatures was some 2 metres tall.
However, there is one very important point regarding this creature depicted as an ape-man that is not set out in the Hürriyet report: THIS IDEA OF AN APE-MAN IS IN FACT A HOAX!
The fictitious nature of this ape-man fraud was broadcast under banner headlines in all scientific publications, yet for some reason Hürriyet paid little attention to this important detail, and felt no need to inform its readers that this unreal entity never in fact existed. On the contrary, it chose to report outdated claims regarding this fictitious creature rather than torpedoing the boat of evolution.
The true facts regarding this fictitious ape-man so strongly espoused by Hürriyet are as follows: Whitton and Dyer invented the whole tale by filling a hairy gorilla costume made of rubber with various animal body parts. The supposed ape-man “as real as your presence here,” as journalists filling the press conference at which the finding was announced to the world were told, was a hoax, just like the other “ape-men” in the history of the theory of evolution. And this hoax, openly confessed by the individuals perpetrating it, represents a new and highly significant instance in the history of the theory.
Because of the fictitious ape-man claims, made by evolutionists to supposedly prove evolution, Hürriyet misled the public and claimed that ape-men, the illusory entities of the theory of evolution, are actually alive. We call upon the newspaper’s editors to behave responsibly and correct this error into which they have fallen and to announce that the claim is a false one.

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