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The Discovery Channel And Propaganda Films Based On Out Of Date Evolutionist Suppositions

Recently the Discovery channel went on air with a new ape-man propaganda documentary called “Hunt or Be Hunted” in which, once more, actors dressed up as so-called hominids featured. Scenes depicting prey flesh being carved up by blood stained hands holding primitive stone knifes, flesh being carried to a cave, cooked on fire and then being eaten by ape-men, making strange sounds coming from the throat, followed one another. The “ancestors” of man were presented as primitive beings, devoid of consciousness, living between 300,000 and 40,000 years ago. The program was proposing that stone tools and resin-fuelled torches were discovered by coincidence and it related the story of Homo erectus and Neanderthal man. It was claimed that Homo erectus, a ferocious predator, probably communicated by primitive vocal sounds although it was not clear whether they were capable of speech. Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, despite having adapted to the climatic conditions of ice age Europe, lost out to Homo sapiens sapiens in the struggle for the continuation of the species we were told. The Discovery channel totally disregarded the fact that those beings had in reality the anatomy of man. It obtained the ape-man view by entering the world of imagination in order to dress up the bones to fit the purpose and accompanied the product with its biased commentary.

The distinguishing feature of this documentary separating it from others on the subject of imaginary ape-men was that it didn’t bother with providing any information on the anatomical features of the species or the key archeological discoveries used to identify them. It just related the lifestyle of ape-men with the intention to plant the view of man being a highly developed ape into the minds of the viewer. The program featured ape-men called by names like “Dough”, “Sear” and “Hog” in action packed scenes of the hunt of bison and giant deer and their migration through forests in deep snow. Unusually, the views of evolutionist scientists was not sought in support of the subject matter in the program and the whole thing was just an uncomplicated and free flowing propaganda film.

It was clearly aiming to manipulate the mind and to imprint the scenes of ape-men there rather than to investigate the myth of human evolution in the light of scientific data. The Discovery channel acknowledged the species shown in the scenarios of human evolution to be ape-men without perceiving the need to examine their anatomy and expected the viewer to blindly believe its Darwinist predispositions.

All the scenarios shown on the Discovery channel were scientifically unsustainable and were no more than an unprofessional show aiming to mislead, because the Homo erectus and Homo sapiens neanderthalensis were real humans even though the TV channel’s Darwinist bias portrayed them as primitive and wild creatures.

Scientific research revealed that there are no differences between the skeleton of Homo erectus and that of modern man and that the anatomical distinctions of Homo erectus go no further than the variations between the different races of today’s human species. It is against scientific facts to portray Neanderthal man as a primitive creature. Even renowned evolutionists are admitting nowadays that there are no significant differences between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens, that the Homo erectus is an imaginary category and that it should be considered as a variation of Homo sapiens. Neanderthal man was a real member of the human species with his culture and faculty of abstract thought no different than his contemporary, Homo sapiens.

The Discovery channel ought to accept this scientifically proven fact and shelve its propaganda films based on obsolete evolutionist scenarios.

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