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The Human And Chimpanzee Errors In Discover Magazine

The Discover magazine web site carried an article of Jim Holt titled “Laughter May Outlive Humans—and Even Numbers” on 27 June, 2008. The article suggested that human beings may well disappear in the future, but that such human characteristics as laughter and counting will survive in the species that evolutionists imagine will replace them in the evolutionary process. In addition to this guesswork, based on various statistical techniques, it also used another familiar Darwinist technique and proposed that humans and chimpanzees diverged from a common forebear some 5-7 million years ago.
However, this is a claim based entirely on imagination and preconception. The fact is that there is no trace in the fossil record of the series that should come together in a common ancestor, making it possible to observe the retrogressive family trees of humans and chimpanzees. In order to justify that claim, Darwinists need to demonstrate countless intermediate forms going back to a supposed common ancestor. But as with all life forms, Darwinists are unable to point to even one intermediate form in the course of human evolution. Darwinists simply engage in demagoguery. They have no other scientific ground to stand on than linguistic semantics.
As we have seen, Holt’s scenarios of human and chimpanzee evolution, which he attempts to portray as fact, are not supported by any fossil evidence. The species used as supposed transitional forms in the illusory human family tree are separated from one another by manifest morphological differences. These life forms are clearly and distinctly either human, or apes. No characteristic between the two is to be observed. Australopithecus species belong to a category of extinct ape resembling the chimpanzee, while all the fossils from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens have the upright skeletal structure of modern humans, and are human beings with no primitive features. 
If Holt, the author of the report, were to abandon his evolutionist prejudices and examine the evidence in an objective manner, he would see that the human evolution scenario he proposed is a total fantasy. Human beings and chimpanzees did not emerge through a chance-based process, but were created by Allah commanding them to “Be!”

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