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The Neanderthal Error on the web site

An article titled “Why Did Neanderthal Man Vanish from the World?” appeared on the web site on 8 August, 2008. The report described genetic analyses carried out by scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany. The study was an examination of mitochondrial DNA obtained from fossils remains from Neanderthals, who lived in Europe and Asia between 30,000 and 250,000 years ago. The researchers were looking for the reason why Neanderthal Man vanished from the fossil record 30,000 years in the past, and they concluded the genes of modern man, Homo sapiens, might have combined with those of Neanderthal Man.

The web site carried the story under the caption “Neanderthal Man, who vanished from the world some 30,000 years ago, was not part of human evolutionary development.”

By using those words the news portal is attempting to give the impression that human beings emerged by way of evolution and that Neanderthal Man was a supposed ape-man excluded from that evolution. It also sought to give its readers the impression that there really had been a process of evolution, but that certain details within it have yet to be discovered. This is a demagogic tactic that evolutionists, lacking even a single piece of evidence in favour of the theory of evolution, have been using for 150 years.

The fact is that the idea of human evolution is an unscientific scenario consisting of the evolutionist naming and distortion of fossils belonging to various extinct types of ape. It has been definitively proved that all of the fossils produced in the context of this false tale belong either to apes or else to human beings. Therefore, and as with all other evolutionary scenarios, Darwinists possess not a shred of evidence in support of the idea of human evolution. Australopithecus forms, which they seek to depict as our ancestors in the supposed evolution of man, actually belong to an extinct species of ape, while Homo erectus and subsequent forms belong to various human races. Neanderthal Man is an ancient human race, with a stockier and more powerful skeletal structure and a larger brain size than that of modern man. All the fossils that Darwinists try to fit into their scenario belong to fully perfect and complete life forms, and every one represents proof of the fact of creation. You can find more detailed information about the invalidity of the myth of human evolution HERE, and about the invalidity of claims that Neanderthal Man was an ape-man HERE.

Note: This article also represents our response to the report below
“Scientists map Neanderthal maternal DNA”, 8 August 2008,

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