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Daily Hürriyet Has Placed Its Hopes in Kangaroos

A report carried in the Turkish dailies Hürriyet and Radikal, as well as in other publications, on 19 November, 2008, stated that “kangaroos are our genetic relatives”. The report said that the marsupial genome had been unraveled and the kangaroos were genetically similar to human beings, thus representing yet another of the hollow myths of evolution we are so familiar with.

Darwinists from time to time attempt to take various inconclusive initiatives to keep the theory of evolution alive. But they cannot do this with any scientific evidence. Because all the scientific findings definitively refute and repudiate evolution. Since they are well aware of this, they try to keep the evolution lie on its feet through speculation. They look for instruments to engage in propaganda over. In the same way that they attempted to depict extinct ape and human skulls as evidence for evolution, so they also try to portray genetic similarities between living things as evidence for the “common ancestor” fairy tale.

But they tell lies on that subject, too. The scientific data have proven that fact.

The claim of a similarity with the chimpanzee genome that was for long attempted to be constructed in the common ancestor myth inflicted such a disappointment on Darwinists that they are now trying to base this false tale on the kangaroo. Darwinists for long used the claim of a supposed 99.4% similarity between the human and chimpanzee genomes as a tool for speculation. So much so that even when the chimpanzee genome research was in its very early stages it was said that the similarity in question was based on a comparison of just 3 parts in 1,000 of the human genome. As the chimpanzee genome project expanded, the difference between the human and chimpanzee genomes began to grow, and the previously maintained level of a 99.4% similarity was described, in evolutionists’ own words, as “sadly mistaken.” The studies performed showed that even those genes described as shared between human beings and chimpanzees actually contained considerable differences, and that genes with different amino acid sequences undertake different functions to those in humans. Therefore, all the claims about human-chimp genome similarity are mere speculation that does not reflect the true facts.

These facts, which terrify Darwinists, have led Darwinist publications to look for a new subject for speculation. To such an extent that pro-Darwinist newspapers began engaging in speculative propaganda about when human beings split away from kangaroos, and even from “the mouse” and imagined that this demagoguery would have an impact on people. This panicky Darwinist search for an ancestor first entered the agenda with quite blatant examples and even comic ones, the publications in question having no qualms about claiming the “anteater” or the “germ” was an ancestor of man, or even the “potato.”

It is natural for there to be genetic similarities in living things. Living things’ genetic structures are made up of similar materials, they consume the same materials to survive and share the same habitats. Indeed, human genes resemble those in many living things, to a greater or lesser degree. For example, there is a 75% similarity between the human and nematode worm genomes, but this does not mean that humans are 75% worm. There is a 50% similarity between human beings and bananas, but that does not mean that humans are 50% banana. Even if two life forms have the same genes, they will work in totally different ways because of their different sequences. Just as with the chimpanzee. If it is impossible to claim that the genes in the banana work in the same way as those in human beings, it is also impossible to claim the same thing for those in the chimpanzee, the kangaroo or the nematode worm. The genes that make human beings human, that make kangaroos kangaroos or bananas bananas are genes that have been created specifically for them, and are all important proofs of our Lord’s sublime and matchless artistry.

Darwinists must abandon demagoguery of this kind and come up with scientific evidence if they have even a single piece that might support theory of evolution. When engaging in speculation about genes they have to be able to account for magnificently complex genes. But there is not one piece of evolution to support the theory of evolution. The existence of genes itself is enough to invalidate the theory of evolution, which ascribes the origin of life to chance. Because with the complexity it possesses, the gene is clear proof that life is not the work of chance, but was created.

In fact, the publications in question the hopeless efforts of the supporters of evolution in a panic at the collapse of Darwinism. Darwinists are so shameless in this state of panic that they are trying to deceive people with comic claims. They have even gone so far as to say, in a newspaper and under a scientific veneer that human beings are descended from kangaroos and are basically anteaters or even microbes. The Darwinist deception that has persisted for 150 years has gone beyond all bounds and is trying to put people into the position of children who still believe in fairy tales. But the fact that publications with a Darwinist mindset refuse to accept is this: people can no longer be taken in. They no longer believe in Darwin’s nonsense. The days of lies imposed with demagoguery are over. People now believe that Allah (God) is the Creator of all things and that He creates all things from nothing, simply by commanding them to “Be!”. That means that the days of survival by deception are also over. It is wrong to dress up old information dating back 20, 30 or 40 years as if it were new and present this to the public. Darwinism has collapsed, the true face of Darwinist frauds has been exposed and Darwinists are no longer able to mislead the world.

The evidence that demolishes Darwinism today is perfectly clear and distinct. It is pointless to scrabble around looking for evidence from genetics or anywhere else when paleontology has unearthed 100 million fossils identical to living things today that clearly show there is no such thing as evolution. The more the complexity in genes has been realized, the more miracles have been observed in the context of the human genome project, the more apparent it has become that Darwinism is a deception. Francis Collins, a medical doctor and former atheist who served as director of the human genome project and was president of the Human Genome Research Center, announced that he had come to believe in Allah after seeing the elegance and complexity in DNA. Collins has described the sublime creation in DNA as a miracle of Allah and said that the more he studied the human genome the closer he drew to Allah. 1

The more the complexity in living organisms is realized, the clearer the error of Darwinism becomes. We advise Hürriyet and Radikal to see this fact that the rest of the world has already seen, to admit that 90% of people no longer believe in Darwinism and to realize that they cannot deceive people with hollow nonsense.


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