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Darwinists Have Declared That They Cannot Account for the Origin of Life

Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on the idea of the fictitious ‘first cell’ that is alleged to have been inexistence at the beginning of life. The whole scenario that Darwinists build around life is based on that first cell that they claim came into being by chance, in muddy water.

The interesting thing, however, is that this miraculous first cell, which came into being by chance in muddy water according to Darwinists, CANNOT BE MANUFACTURED in even the most advanced and best-equipped laboratories under the supervision of Nobel Prize-winning scientists in the 21st century with its space technology. For some reason this so-called ‘simple’ structure that Darwinists assume came into existence spontaneously cannot be produced by any means. Wide-ranging research by the world’s most famous professors has focused on this illusory first cell, and these people have devoted almost the whole of their lives to manufacturing this mythical first cell. Countries have set aside huge funds for this purpose, the necessary infrastructure has been provided and professors trained, but ‘not one single cell’ has ever been manufactured out of nothing.

This is naturally a reason for panic among Darwinists. Because this state of affairs has revealed some exceedingly important facts about Darwinism:

1. DARWIN WAS WRONG. Contrary to what Darwin thought, the cell is not simple at all. With its irreducible structure, the cell contains a glorious detail and complexity, and the components within it exceed all human abilities. 

2. DARWINISTS ARE UNABLE TO EXPLAIN THE ORIGIN OF LIFE. If the most fundamental structure in life, the cell, cannot form by chance, THEN IT IS EVEN MORE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE VARIETY OF LIVE, with all it complex characteristics, TO APPEAR BY CHANCE.

3. And if Darwinists are unable to account for the origin of life, then ALL THEIR TALES AND SPECULATION ABOUT THE FICTITIOUS PROCESS OF EVOLUTION ARE LIES.

Even though Darwinists invent various stories about the origin of life and seek to deceive people with utterly fantastical scenarios, this changes nothing, and they still have to explain every time why it is they cannot account for the illusory first cell.  Perhaps the best indication of this is the laboratory experiments carried out to that end.

The Miller Experiment and the First Failure

An experiment conducted by Stanley Miller in 1953 has gone down in the history of science as the Miller experiment.  In this experiment, Miller sought to obtain amino acid by using equipment such as the cold trap that could not possibly exist in nature and gases that did not exist in the supposed primeval atmosphere. Oxygen, which did exist in the primeval atmosphere and which is powerful enough to disintegrate all the amino acids the moment they formed, was not included in the experiment. At the end of the experiment Miller obtained a few amino acids, and the Darwinist scientific world hailed this as a great success. The fact is, however, that this experiment scientifically proved that Darwinists are unable to account for the origin of life.

The Miller experiment actually included a great many details incompatible with the real Earth atmosphere and revealed various dilemmas in a number of regards. Yet even though all this has been ignored for many years the Miller experiment still reveals a total failure. The mathematical probability of these amino acids, produced in a controlled laboratory environment with all the necessary precautions taken and under conditions not reflective of the primeval atmosphere, coming together to form the requisite sequence and producing a functional protein is zero. You can find more detail about the invalidity of the Miller experiment HERE.

Miller himself confessed that the gases he used to replicate the primeval atmosphere were invalid. In 1983 he conducted the same experiment using realistic gases, but failed to obtain even a single amino acid. 

Jeffrey Bada’s Experiment Manifests the Same Darwinist Failure

Bada assumed that all the substances cited above were present in the prebiotic world atmosphere. Just like Miller in 1953, he excluded all those gases present in the prebiotic atmosphere but that would have prevented amino acids from forming. He went even further and produced an artificial volcanic environment in order to allow amino acids to emerge.  That environment did not reflect the primitive Earth’s atmosphere. However, according to the Darwinist mindset, the experiment would have to be performed under those conditions ‘in order to ensure a false success’ regarding the origin of life.Following Miller’s death a student of his, the Darwinist chemist Jeffrey Bada, decided to repeat the experiment. Basing himself on Miller’s failed experiment of 1983, Bada produced a controlled environment in the same way as Miller did, but one different to his. And he decided to conduct the experiment in a volcanic environment. Bada knew that nitrites would have a destructive effect during the formation of amino acids, he added iron and carbonate minerals to the atmosphere he set up in order to neutralize the nitrites and destructive acids.

In this controlled environment he set up, Bada obtained a few more amino acids than Miler had in his experiment of 1953. But he himself knew that had the prebiotic atmosphere been included in the experiment in a realistic manner he would not have obtained even a single amino acid. The failures of all other experiments that have been performed to date using the conditions of the prebiotic atmosphere have made this perfectly clear.

As one might expect, for some reason Darwinist publications attempted to depict the amino acids obtained by Bada as a huge success. But the fact is that the experiment was a failure, not a success. The experiment is important in terms of proving in the 21st century that life cannot emerge by chance. Those who regard the amino acids obtained as a success are mistaken. It must not be forgotten that even if the conditions had been just as Darwinists wished and even if all the amino acids necessary for life had been obtained, it would still be IMPOSSIBLE to set up an experimental protocol to carry out the chemical changes essential to turn amino acids into more complex compounds such as proteins and polymers, for these to be functional and for a perfect protein to emerge. Amino acids represent just one of the hundreds of conditions necessary for flawless protein molecules to form. As we have already seen, the chances of amino acids combining together to form proteins is the astonishing impossibility of just 1 in 10950. Indeed, the chemist James Ferris from the New York Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has made the following comment regarding Bada’s experiment:

You get a fair amount of amino acids. What you don”t get are things like building blocks of nucleic acids.1

In addition, it must not be forgotten that what Darwinists are trying to achieve here is the ‘imaginary first cell’. However, in addition to containing thousands of perfectly complex proteins, the cell is also an astonishing and irreducibly complex structure harboring such giant molecules as DNA and organelles such as the ribosome, mitochondria, the cell membrane and endoplasmic reticulum. And Darwinists have been unable to account for the appearance of a single cell protein.

The well-known Russian evolutionist A. I. Oparin makes this admission on the subject:

Unfortunately, the emergence of the cell represents one of the most obscure points of the entire theory of evolution.2


Many things depicted as a success for the scientific world have always heralded eventual great disappointment for evolution. The fossils used as a tool of Darwinist propaganda have always exposed Darwinist frauds, and tales invented for the sake of the theory of evolution have always collapsed in the face of subsequent scientific findings. The same thing will always befall Darwinists when it comes to the origin of life. Experiments performed by successful and expert chemists and world-renowned professors in high-tech laboratories have always resulted in failure for evolution. 

The result of Jeffrey Bada’s experiment also reveals a significant conclusion in terms of evolution. No matter how many tales Darwinists produce about the development of living things and the myth of human evolution, they will always be confronted by the fact that they cannot account for the origin of life. 

And it is of course impossible for them to account for it. Because it is not that first cell that supposedly came into being by chance that represents the origin of life. Life on Earth came into existence with our Lord commanding it to ‘Be!’ and survives because He wishes it to. It is Allah (God), the Lord of the Worlds, Who so complexly creates the cell, living things and the universe they inhabit. This glorious creation will always leave Darwinists in a state of despair and with no explanation of their own to offer.

Allah reveals His flawless creation in a verse: 

The Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, ‘Be!’ and it is. (Sura al-Baqara, 117)

2 A. I. Oparin, Origin of Life, P. 196

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