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False Speculation on Protein from Darwinists Unable to Account for Protein Formation

The 13 November, 2008 edition of the Turkish daily Hürriyet carried a report about how a newly discovered series of protein supposedly represents evidence for the theory of evolution.  The report stated that proteins manufacturing ATP went into action to preserve the functionality of protein chain damaged as a result of artificial mutations and as a requirement of Darwinist propaganda an attempt was made to depict this discovery as supposed evidence for evolution.
The claim in question represents one of the best-known examples of Darwinist propaganda and demagoguery. With this claim, Hürriyet attempted to depict magnificent evidence for Creation as evidence for the theory of evolution, which is devoid of any proof at all. By interpreting a scientific discovery solely in terms of evolution, it sought to give readers the impression that evidence for evolution had been found.  The fact is, however, that on the contrary this scientific study not only reiterates Darwinist dead-ends, but also constitutes important evidence for Creation.

1. The speculation about proteins is totally unfounded. THERE IS ZERO PROBABILITY OF EVEN A SINGLE PROTEIN FORMING BY CHANCE.

There is not a single piece of evidence to confirm the theory of evolution. Which is why Darwinists rely on propaganda. They make expert use of demagoguery in order to give readers the impression that “evolution is a fact.” But this is a lie. This tactic was employed in the article in question, with no mention being made of the dead-ends facing evolution nor, in describing the discoveries made regarding proteins, of the fact that Darwinists are unable to account for the formation of a single protein. It is impossible to manufacture a protein molecule even in laboratories equipped with 21st century technology. It has been calculated that the odds of this magnificent system, which Darwinists maintain came into being as the result of blind coincidences, coming into existence by chance is 1 in 10950. This is as astronomic figure consisting of the number 10 followed by 950 noughts. In mathematical terms, any probability smaller than 1 in  1050 is regarded as zero probability.

The way that Darwinists attempt to depict the functioning of these structures as evidence for evolution even though they are unable to explain the formation of proteins, which have a zero probability of forming by chance, is a terrible logical flaw.  This fact also reveals how widely and blatantly Darwinist deception is applied. The aim is to deceive the reader, no matter what the cost, which is why Darwinists do not hesitate to resort to falsehoods.

2. Willingly or otherwise, the destructive effect of mutations was still mentioned in the Hürriyet article.

Daily Hürriyet openly states in the article it published that the artificial mutations applied to the protein change inflicted damage on the existing structure. As a result of the experiment in question, artificial mutation were applied to a splendid protein chain, the formation of even a single component of which Darwinists are unable to explain, and damage occurred in the chain. To put it another way, the damaging and destructive effect of mutations, proposed as the most important mechanism of so-called evolution, is even admitted in a Darwinist publication. 

Mutations are random changes that take place in the data encoded in the DNA of all living things. Mutations are caused by agents such as radiation and certain chemicals. Evolutionists claim that mutations cause living things to evolve. But the fact is that mutations always harm organisms, rather than improving them, and cannot bestow any new characteristics on them (such as wings, or lungs). They either kill or cripple them. To claim that mutations develop living things and bestow new features on them is like claiming that an earthquake made a city more modern and advanced, or that when a computer is hit with a hammer the result is an even more advanced model. In fact, no mutation has ever been observed to enhance genetic information.

The mutations applied artificially in the experiment in question had a destructive effect on the protein chain that existed in a perfect and complex form and performed its functions in a perfect manner. The astonishing thing is that this study, which reveals the dead-ends of evolution, should be shamelessly portrayed as evidence for evolution by Darwinist publications. 

3. The conclusion from the scientific experiment in question is Creation.

The following result emerged from this scientific study;  when the protein chain was damaged by artificial mutations, ATP manufacturing proteins tried to preserve its functionality. This result is the expression of a miracle. When a protein chain with a perfect structure and sublime complexity is damaged, proteins act in a literally conscious manner and attempt to protect the system. This state of affairs, which they astonishingly seek to portray as evidence for evolution, is clearly and obviously wonderful proof of our Lord’s sublime Creation. Allah (God), Who created the protein structure, the glorious protein chain that emerged and the sublime complexity within it, out of nothing, also created a perfect system in the human body to protect it against destructive effects caused by mutations. Every protein going into action here acts by the inspiration and will of our Lord, and the way it functions, inspired by our Lord, is also flawless. 

Darwinists observed the glorious structure of the proteins through this experiment, and discovered yet another miracle about this immaculate structure. Yet they did not manufacture, form or create anything from nothing. They were unable to account for the miraculous structure and functioning of proteins. They did not observe any structure in the course of evolving. On the contrary, they observed that proteins are wondrously complex. They are also aware that this is further evidence that demolishes evolution. The Darwinist claim to have “discovered evidence for the [supposed] process of evolution” is a monstrous lie. This new discovery is not a novelty brought into being in proteins from nothing under the impact of mutations, in other words, it is not evolution. What is happening here is the use of information that already exists in the organism’s DNA when needed. Our Lord has encoded the mechanism that will repair the damage occurring in living things due to external agents in their DNA. And this is a miracle of Allah.

This fact emerging as a result of the experiment adds yet another to the list of dead-ends confronting the theory of evolution. Darwinists, who are unable to offer any chance-based explanation, must do now is to account for the glorious co-operation and conscious preservation of function among them. And they will of course be unable to account for this, just as they cannot explain how proteins might have formed by chance. This, contrary to what it says in the Hürriyet report, provides no evidence for how complex organisms might have emerged through evolution; on the contrary, it undermines the very basis of the theory of evolution.

Conclusion: Empty evolutionary propaganda will no longer enjoy any success.

There was once a time when people did not know that evolution is a deception, of the frauds of evolution, when they imagined that proteins and cells formed by chance, when they were unaware that there existed not a single intermediate form fossil and when they had heard nothing about the 100 million fossils that prove Creation. During this time, when the field was empty, “propaganda” was the most effective technique employed by Darwinists. Since they had no evidence, they gave the impression that they did deceived people and carried this out in an organized manner right across the world.

One of Darwinists’ greatest errors is that they imagine the same conditions still apply.

People are now aware that evolution is a huge mass deception. They are now aware that there are no intermediate fossils, that fraud has been perpetrated for 150 years, and that all the skulls proposed as evidence are false. They have seen that 100 million fossils repudiate evolution, have examined living fossils that have stayed the same for millions of years, and have touched them with their own hands. It is no longer possible to deceive people with hollow, groundless evolutionary propaganda. Nobody is falling into that error any more, and they merely laugh at the lies of Darwinists who keep repeating the same things.  Our advice to Hürriyet is that it make itself aware of this important fact and finally put an end to its Darwinist propaganda.

P.S.: This is also our reply to Science Daily article published on November 12, 2008 titled “Evolution”s New Wrinkle: Proteins With “Cruise Control” Act Like Adaptive Machines”

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