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“Spore:” Further Pitiful Evolutionist Contortions

People have been deceived by the theory of evolution for the last 150 years and have always been told the following lie: “evolution is scientific” (!). The fact is that evolution is not scientific at all, however. Everything scientific refutes evolution. Every branch of science defies evolution. Palaeontology has inflicted grievous disappointment on evolutionists, and there exists not a single intermediate fossil to substantiate evolution. Genetics has shown that the cell is no simple structure. Biology, microbiology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and all other branches of science have placed evolution in an impossible position, and the impossibility of evolution ever having taken place is once again made clear in the wake of scientific developments with every passing day.

In propagandising evolution, its proponents have therefore not even a single piece of scientific evidence. They merely try to convince people with words. They merely engage in demagoguery. They merely talk about things they wish were true. They are unable to answer the question “Are there any intermediate form fossils?” They merely try to gloss over it with a profusion of words. They have no consistent answer to the question “Has a protein ever been artificially manufactured?” They cannot explain why hoaxes have been produced in the name of evolution, nor why palaeontologists have kept millions of fossils hidden out of sight.

They leave questions unanswered, but persist in demagoguery. Because they have been deceiving people with demagoguery for the last 150 years. They have kept the fantasy in their minds alive by adorning it with scientific terminology and by legislating the teaching of it in schools. Because there is no other way they can keep it alive.

His misleading Darwinist technique has suddenly been shattered in the 21st century. Because it is in the 21st century that millions of fossils refuting evolution have been shown to the whole world. The display of thousands of fossils in Adnan Oktar’s Atlas of Creation, and the fact that all these fossils have a complete and fully formed appearance and are identical to living fossils, has led to a terrible shock among Darwinist circles. In the wake of that shock, evolutionists saw that the fraud they had kept up for so many years was no longer bearing fruit and that people no longer found demagoguery convincing. In the absence of any scientific evidence or scientific answers, and since demagoguery no longer served any purpose, they now resorted to others forms of chicanery. One of these pitiful and ineffective tactics concerns a computer game that Darwinists have recently persistently maintained on the agenda: Spore. 

Darwinists trying to produce an animation of the evolution of living things, and evolution that never took place in nature, came up with the idea that by undergoing changes and transitions a single cell would turn into life forms that found entire civilisations. Moreover, the game has conscious human beings to direct the course of events, rather than chance and the random and haphazard events in the imaginary, Darwinian nature. Riddled with logical errors, Darwinists even had to program consciousness into an ordinary computer game. Desperate Darwinists believe that they can in this way put the idea of evolution into people’s minds.

In fact, this game provides significant evidence of Darwinists’ helplessness and logical inconsistency. Thousands of artists, technicians and other staff all worked on the animation of a single cell in an ordinary video game. Animators worked for days just in order to give the cell its appearance. JUST IN ORDER TO PRODUCE AN IMAGE…

This goes to show that Darwinists, who maintain that the cell came into being by chance, ARE UNABLE EVEN TO PRODUCE THE IMAGE OF A CELL BY CHANCE. They use the most talented and intelligent technical staff and the most advanced technical studios and equipment, and devote months and years to the project. But it is still obvious that their claim that an extraordinarily complex cell and the people who put so much work into producing an image on the screen all emerged by chance makes them into a laughing stock.

The living cell is by itself a whole made up of many perfect sub-components. It contains all kinds of complex structures. It is irreducibly complex. In other words, if a single component ceases to function, the whole cell becomes functionless. One can compare these invisible but complex structures to a city. Like a city, each one of our 100 trillion cells is surrounded by walls and meets all its own and the human body’s needs, producing energy and containing communications, transport and security units. Power plant units produce the cell’s energy, factory proteins and vitally important chemicals. Complex transportation systems carry these chemicals from one point to another within the cell and, when necessary, from the cell to destinations outside it. The sentries at the barricades watch the outside world for potential dangers. Disciplined biological armies stand by ready to battle invaders, and a flawless order prevails throughout the cell.

A cell contains the most glorious DNA. Organelles such as the cell nucleus, ribosomes, the endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria with their own DNA and themselves resembling entire cities within the cell, ATPs that store energy and countless others complete this magnificent system. One important point that needs to be clarified is this: not one of the components listed above, let alone the entire cell, can come into being by chance. The main point to be underlined is that NOT EVEN A SINGLE ONE OF THE COUNTLESS PROTEINS that constitute the cell and the assembly of its organelles can ever emerge by chance. Ever since Darwinists first launched the falsehood that “the cell formed by chance in muddy water,” for a total of a century and a half, they have been unable to manufacture a single cell protein, EVEN IN THE LABORATORY.

As a result of research conducted, the probability of a single functional protein belonging to the human body coming into existence by chance has been calculated, a figure of 1 in 10950. That means the number 10 followed by 950 zeros. In MATHEMATICAL TERMS THAT PROBABILITY IS ZERO (mathematically speaking, all probabilities smaller than 1050 are zero).

Darwinists have been unable to get anywhere with their claims of chance, and have been unable to come up with a scientific account. At the present moment, a game they developed in order to prop evolution up has actually once again demolished the idea of chance. The fact that evolutionists, unable to bring even a simple picture into being by chance, are unable to bring themselves to confess is this: no living thing on Earth ever came into existence by chance.

The game Spore makes clear a number of significant truths. The first is that Darwinists effectively admit their defeat. They have realised that demagoguery is of no use now that the entire world has been shown more than 100 million living fossils, one of the greatest pieces of evidence in the refutation of evolution, and now that people have seen the true facts for themselves. The second is that they themselves have shown people that their ideas regarding chance are actually totally without foundation. The third is that Darwinists are left with no straws to cling to. The theory of evolution has been torn down and collapsed right across the world. God has annihilated this false faith.

Say: ‘Allah is a sufficient witness between me and you.’ He knows everything in the heavens and the earth. Those who believe in falsehood and reject Allah, they are the losers. (Sura al-‘Ankabut, 52)

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