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The Error of Seeking to Depict the Harmony on Earth as Disorder

Just as he did in the same demagogic way with evolution, the planets and the equilibrium on Earth, Celal Sengor attempted to portray the glorious order in living things on Earth as an environment of chaos. As evidence for that, he tried to give the impression, at least in his own eyes, that amino acids are imperfect, that only a small part of fertilized eggs survive and that only a small part of fish eggs live. These accounts stem from Darwinists’ being aware of the glorious creation on Earth but attempting to cover this truth up by Darwinist demagoguery. The truth is as follows:
–    Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, whose formation by chance is mathematically impossible, and which have a similar complexity to that of proteins.  

        * The probability of a short, 100-amino acid chain made up of PEPTIDE BONDS ALONE, of all the bonds in nature, forming is around 1 in 1030

        * In addition to that, the probability of a 100-amino acid consisting of an imaginary peptide chain using only LEFT-HANDED AMINO ACIDS as the result of chance is roughly 1 in 1030

        * The probability of obtaining a functional AMINO ACID SEQUENCE in more than one functional protein is much lower than 1 in 1065

        * If the probability of obtaining the APPROPRIATE BONDS and OPTIC ISOMERS are also included in the calculation, then the probability of the appropriate amino acid sequence required in order to obtain a small and functional protein by chance is just 1 in 10125, which is “ZERO” probability.  

–    Such a structure exhibits a glorious order and complexity, and is impossible to be manufactured artificially, let alone form by chance. 

–    There is a glorious equilibrium among living things on Earth. As a manifestation of that balance, in creating living things, Allah has also created the environments appropriate to their lives, needs and habitats. 

–    For example, a fish lays hundreds of eggs, but only a given number of them survive. This is an extraordinary balance, because eggs are sources of food for predators that feed on them. Allah has created that balance in order for them to be able to feed. 

–    In the event that all these eggs were to live, then the equilibrium on Earth would clearly be damaged. The sea would be filled with fish of that species, and the living things they feed on would doubtless become extinct, and many other side effects would also emerge. The reproductive levels appointed for living things are also the perfect levels ordained for the Earth. 

–    This equilibrium also applies to living things that hunt one another. A life form may hunt another life form while itself being hunted by another. Animals are living things unaware of their own existence. Allah has ordained their lifestyles in this manner and has created this as a glorious equilibrium for the Earth. 

– One manifestation of this glorious creation between prey and predator is the production of venom in one living thing that will completely impact on its predator. There is no probability of such a mechanism coming into being by chance. The equilibrium created by Allah on Earth possesses the most amazing proofs. The slightest impairment in this equilibrium will have consequences that threaten the existence of all of life. (For example, the amount of oxygen produced by plants and micro-organisms through photosynthesis is always in balance. The slightest impairment to that balance could eliminate the whole of life).

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